1. LOL, I always believed that people who talk to or hear invisible wizards in the sky should be in straight jackets. Personally, I stopped having invisible friends when I was around 5 or 6 years old. It amazes me that grown adults still believe in invisible men in the sky. You would think NASA would have found him with the huble telescope by now.

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    • Notice they weren’t talking about that figure in the sky, Jackie, but about the correct interpretation of that story book. An exclusively intellectual practice. Or something like that.


    • I was 9 when I got thrown out of Vacation Bible School for asking the “Why” question then laughing at the preacher. 9 year olds haven’t learned to be PC.

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      • WoW, poor thing you! Vacation bible school? You were studying the bibbel while you were supposed to be on vacation and spend your time like a human being? Mountain climbing, surfing, camping, sailing, beach living … generally doing fun stuff never crossed your mind, or the minds of your parental units?

        What a restricted life. 😦

        Good on you for managing to getting thrown out.

        Oh, btw, not only 9 year olds shouldn’t have learned to censor themselves. Nobody should be PC. As a grown up adult person I trust everybody knows when it’s appropriate to speak freely and when it’s better to be a responsible person and stfu. Don’t need the peer pressure of a fucked up society to approve of your every word.

        But, and this bugs me to no end: What is the “Why” question?
        “Why am I sitting here in this stinkin’ church backroom, while all the other kids are frolicking at the beach and indulging in buckets of ice cream?” Like that?


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