SL America Cup/Free Spirit Cup

The SL America Cup is coming: the Free Spirit Cup
The only match race competition in SL today.

Claim the cup for you and your Yacht Club (or group)

America Cup

Free Spirit Cup

1851. As the schooner, named America, passed the Royal Yacht in first position, and saluted by dipping its ensign three times, Queen Victoria asked one of her attendants to tell her who was in second place.

”Your Majesty, there is no second,” came the reply. That phrase, just four words, is still the best description of the America’s Cup, and how it represents the singular pursuit of excellence.

Are you ready to take this challenge in Second Life? Race against your fellow sailors and take the Free Spirit Cup to your Yacht Club?

The Free Spirit Cup is organized on the same concept than the America’s Cup. Each team will claim the cup for their own club. There is no second. Only one winner that will take the cup home till the next race.

The course will be the America’s Cup 2017 design course type. All races will be run on the same course design.

Race and Match
All regatta will be run in match race of 2 boats. The winner of a regatta is the team reaching first the mark of 3 points.
A win match is 1 point, a lost is 0.

The boat will be the FS v2 version X. All vessels will be required to undergo an inspection by the series committee to verify that it follows regulations and requirements.

Skipper and Crew
Crew (2) or single handed are accepted. No handicap will be applied for crew boat.

Competition phases
All candidates will start by the qualifiers phase before moving to final phases (1/4,1/2, final). To qualify for the next phase a team has to win the race (3 points). All races are match of 2 boats.

Times of Registration
Registration is open now for a period of one week before series start.


August – September 12: Registration period
Mid September: Inaugural race. Presentation of all crews, colors, club in a friendly race.
Mid September – October: Qualification matches
November 1/4 – 1/2
December Final
December Competition closing. Final race with all participants and prizes

North Sea

Sponsored by Eden Estate and The North Sea
In Collaboration with NYC, North Sea Racing, FIYC and TrYC.



Skipper name:
Crew name: (1)

Yacht Club or Group: (2)

Skipper Country: (for Time Zone and Match organization)
Crew Country: (for Time Zone and Match organisation)
Usual availability for race in SL:

Boat Color: (3)
Boat Name:

Skipper brief history of SL Sailing:
Crew brief history of SL Sailing:

Date of the Registration:

(1) Crew name is not necessary for the initial registration and can be completed after.

(2) Name of the Club or Group you want to claim the cup for. A group or club can have several boats running. A crew can only run for one club or group.

(3) Pictures of boat color. Not necessary for the initial registration.

Send the registration to Kayo Torii or LucyInTheSky Afarensis.

Questions? Ask TrYC head manager bosslady Lucy.

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