Bad Builder. :(

Just wanted to set the ground floor of my new office building higher, to get a ceiling height of; like, 8 meters. Then the unspeakable happened. Now look at this shit:


I obviously forgot to link some parts of the building before I lifted it up … completely fubarred my precious Media Empire in a single Swooosh. 😮 Too lazy now to get everything back in order. Have more pressing stuff to do … guess I left the oven on … gotta care about RL … grocery shopping … laterz ……………………………………………



    • Yes, that was all I did. Honest. One would think it’s an easy fix, just push the build back to original height and link again … but somehow things didn’t went right. 😦
      Even worse, after reading my blogpost hubby asked me what I wanted with a ginormous office building. Whoa! Typical non-SLer. They just don’t get it, what primdroodling is all about, do they? Who needs a fukn usage case for anything in SL? As long as the building process keeps me amused and I see something coming out of it, the project OrcaMedia HeadQuarters (with undercover parking) has fulfilled its duty. 🙂

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      • Remember Natûre aids the hidden flaw. Technically I think that GKW (god Knows What) error probably creeped in. I’ve always wished SL had a multi level undo button. Especially useful if you’re building drunk.

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        • OMG!!! What a marvellous idea! That’s just like in GIMP or PS: Don’t like what you see, fukd it up? Just go one or more steps back and find everything back in its original state. Too bad we can’t “upvote” comments here in WordPress, else I’d send yours to the very top! LØL

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