That Harvey!

The hurricane that is I’m talking about.


This might be true. But the real question these days seems to be …


Uh, well, I dunno how Americans interprete socialism or what they think socialism is exactly but I can tell you it’s an economical model and won’t help in the fight against natural catastrophes. So much should be clear for anybody. I guess helping during a storm and cleaning up afterwards is a job for the gov’ment /municipality. Firefighters, army, national guard, police, garbage men, red cross … to name just a few. Basically all agencies and institutions with the tools and manpower. That’s how it’s done in the rest of the world. Not in the US?

So, excuse simpleton me for not understanding the question. Any of my stateside friends care to help me out, please?



  1. I will try but I think it is stupid though! The idea of that socialism is evil really got going in the US with the end of WWII. It was us (the US) and the good guys versus them the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics the evil bad guys. They even have socialist in the name so it must be bad and evil too.

    I am not saying it makes sense then or now a ½ century later. Americans in general really love their social programs but they aren’t socialistic. The government is supposed to help in natural disasters but is NOT a socialistic program. You have my permission to laugh and cry at the same time. I do a lot.

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    • As I said it’s got nothing to do with socialism. In case of a natural disaster the gov’ment’s duty is to help! No matter what kind of state they have going. It’s only in the USA we see tine and again how bad they are prepared and how little is actually done, particularly when it comes to the cleaning up and rebuilding part. As you should’ve learned from Katrina the first people who jumped in where developers and huge landlords. They changed the landscape of the city of New Orleans forever. And not for the better from what I hear.

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    • Yes, boss, got it. Redditors aren’t that stupid but a pretty sarcastic bunch. But the core of the problem still remains. As Katrina and New Orleans have shown, nothing good comes from having the aftermath sorted out by capitalists.


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