LOL of the Week: Microsoft :)

Interesting, very interesting.

Those evil fux! All police and anti-piracy on the shiny outside, full of piracy tools in the rotten core. Micro$oft is a perfect example of two-faced American capitalism. And should be avoided! But you, dear readers, know my stance on Micro$oft already, so there’s no need to say more.

Initially, we assumed that a pirate app may have slipped past Microsoft’s screening process. However, the ‘problem’ doesn’t appear to be isolated. There are dozens of similar apps in the official store that promise potential users free movies, most with rave reviews.

No comment. 🙂



  1. I have no hate for the free movie apps. For what I pay for internet already there is no way I am giving the cable company those ridiculous rates for tv and movies as well. I wish there was a one stop shop app that replaced cable entirely to tell my friends about. I use plex media server and a host of apps to basically create my own cable but that is too complicated it seems to my friends who just like using a regular cable remote and guide…and paying an extra 150 dollars or more…smh

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    • Plex? That is what Maiti told me she wants to build with an older PC. Put Linux and Plex on it. My problem is I have no frigging idea what Plex is supposed to be? Kinda Netflix or sumfink? I angel my entertainment off a certain bay on the dark side of the WWW and that’s it.


        • That’s nice, Jackie, Buuut where I live we have no Netflix, and no Amazon thingie neither. And I’m not too much a friend of fancy GUIs, so I just click on the movie I wanna watch directly in the HDDs folder. That way I don’t even need to download and organize the title cards and posters. You know when it’s about entertainment … THIS IS SPARTA!


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