Triumphal Nostalgia

Yeah, had nothing better to do, so I mercifully climbed down from my high platform, down onto Triumphal ground level and had a look around.

First thing I noticed: There are still a lot of boats all dressed up in racing attire at the TrYC docks. Are the Blue Marlins still a thing?
Then I checked out TrYC’s very own uniformist, Laured Cabassoun’s paint shop. Here is always some or the other project going on.
For example this very chic carbon style for our all’s favourite little raceboat, the M-24. I just talked to my very old friend, Slanty Uriza, and she told me she just practiced on it and still loves that boat. Yes, absolutely: This was, without the shadow of a doubt, Qyv Inshan‘s finest work! And a quirky joy to sail, just like her RL blueprint.
Around the corner of Laured’s shop (which ain’t no cornershop, mind you!) I saw two fine examples of Analyse Dean’s wondrous Boss motorboats. Dunno if these are already Laured’s paintjobs or Boss standard colours.
Whoa, Hanne’s lovely Laser must have been moored there since quite a while. She hasn’t been seen inworld or anywhere else since at least 2 years now, has she? After her father passed away in RL I only received a very cryptic message: “My hands are bloody!” That was the last thing I’ve ever heard from her. 😼

That was it for today. Buuut, this short trip down memory lane and the chat I had with the good old Slantsje, inspired me for a new blogstory. Hmmm, maybe tomorrow? :/


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