We Do Have Ourselves a Race!

Samlara “Sammie” Vintner and Maiti “Miata” Yenni are, let’s put it mildly, not on the best friendly terms. God knows why, the rest of us don’t give a singular frack about the why and how. It’s too boring I guess.

But, know what, know what’s much more interesting and nailbitingly suspenseful? Both of ’em bishies are on the cusp of joining the wonderful world of Linux apologetes! Maiti is about to receive a new wonderputer and Sammie is about to maybe replace her fukn cellphone with a real, although old-ish PC. And while Maiti has already made plans which of her older PCs she wants to set up on Linux and for what use scenario it shall be used for (methinks some media server or sumfink), with Sammie things are looking a bit more dreary. That girl always claims to get a new/old laptop … but then it falls through because the hardware is too fracked up and not usable anymore.

So, I guess the game’s afoot, the race is on. And what better way to settle this unsavoury rivalry once and for all than with a fair race for the first successful Linux install? Me will be the judge for that.

Contender Maiti and judge Orca.

So, even if Maiti has set herself a much more complicated task, she seems to be miles ahead right now. Sammie, on the other hand, who has nothing else to do than just downloading and installing an unspecified run-of-the-mill GNU/Linux distro on just some hardware, has fallen wayyyyy way way behind.

Contender Sammie and judge Orcsi.

Girls, what about an update? How do do  your projects come about? Where are you now? Recieved your new Alienware box yet, Maiti? Found anything you can at least use as a secondary computer, Sammie? Come on, they must have a Gumtree, Craigs List or ebay in France as well, no? Just look out for anything that says “lapé eau topé machine computeusè” or so and fukn get it! Millions of unsuspecting Orcablog readers are waiting for the result with baited breath …

No idea what Maiti’s gonna use, for Sammie we recommended the good ole trusty Linux Mint. It’s the bestest!

Peeps, you know what? I’m slowly starting to get behind the truth about why nobody uses Linux these days. In a world ruled by commerce, a world in which we pay highest prices for perishable vegan foods and the most fancy but ultimately needless wearable fashions, it seems to be an unsolvable task for most people to acquire a secondary computing machine. Guys, these things are, like, super cheap! And they are highly usable and can make your life so much richer and more enjoyable. Do you really need another scandalous frock, just to be worn once, at a silly party and ruined by spilling an expensive and embarrassing blend of champagne/merlot/cidre/snails/cocaine/puke all over it? (There went your new/old laptop, hun). No! What you need instead is a cheapo little computer with Linux and your home entertainment system on it. That’s so much more wholesome. And it will make you a better mensch!

If you don’t need Linux for anything else, it makes at least the best base for home entertainment systems like Kodi.



    • Yes, by now she should have gotten the new Alienware PC and be finished with her project. Still … we’re waiting with baited breath for Sammie on Linux since months already!


    • Geez I didn’t even see this thread, Orcs, I sent ya a pic of the Alienwear, throw that up for the time being, I’m just setting it up with all the typical stuff for a main computer, drop box, Microsoft 365 , WordPress reader and all that stuff. Then it time to pull apart the 500$ wonder for a good cleaning and photos for our village idiot, then once that’s done the touch screen gateway with an 8t external NAS for the media stuff.

      Geez Orca when you are going to make it a thing like this , at least let me know, I don’t read everything ya know!!


  1. As I mentioned in my email to you the plan goes like this:

    1: Brand new Alienwear R6, with Roccat gaming keyboard and mouse, and a Samsung 27″ curved 4k monitor, with a secondary Acer monitor as well. I sent you the pic, but will be taking many more once I have everything in the way or daily software on it in a day or two. I you want you can post the pic I sent, or wait for many more – your call.

    2 The $500 wonder just have to clean that up and put it back on the desk, it works fine and was my main machine for some time, now I’ll use it for household and general work like email and such.

    3 Finally I haven’t made up my mind between getting a tiny box of some sort, installing Linux into it and then running a torrent multimedia set up on it or a touchscreen old gateway running 8.1. What ever it will be , Linux or 8.1 it will run a Plex / sonar / and couch potato combination for handling and search torrents , storage and distribution throughout the house. I have a rather disjointed setup already doing this on the 5$00 wonder but I’m splitting up the work, and the idea of a much smaller setup near the main TV seems the way to go.

    So that accurately explains what I described the project I mentioned to you in the email.

    Part #1 is done I sent the pic but if you need more I’ll be glad to send more pics.

    Part # 2 it going to be done by the end of the week since it was already working, I just have to blow it out and reassemble it while taking pics for our followers.

    Part 3 will be a few weeks since I haven’t decided on a box or bought it yet but shouldn’t be a big deal.

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