Roses Review of the “Trudeau Runa IV”

Aaaaaw, what a relief. Rose doing yacht tests means I can go on with being a lazy bugger. 🙂

So Old Rose doesn’t  do reviews…  nope never does, never ever writes um or blogs em or even publishes em! Just doesn`t do it. Well, peoples, times change. On today’s ticket is a shock! To Be fair it shocked me anyway.


Now the reason I don`t do reviews is that I like to judge them for myself. And This Trudeau Runa IV is STUNNING! not just from the elegant lines of her hull or even the sails configuration. Which is appealing. It Has to be said, I have spent a lot of time that was probably supposed to have been spent on other things. But damn it I couldn’t leave the boat alone! Anyway here is what the blurb on the note card says:-

” The Runa IV is modelled after the design of Danish naval architect Gerhard Rønne, who designed a succession of Runas with various sailplanes – sloops, cutters, yawls…

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