A New Browser

More secure, less spying, more privacy, based on the latest Firefox 55.0.2; I’ve been told this one is the flavour of the day. So if you’re politically correct and don’t like corporated America spying on your behaviour as a consumer, why not give Waterfox a try?

Also available for Windows, Android and Mac if you’re so inclined.

Waterfox was readily available in the AUR for clever Archlinux users, the rest of you can download it from the website or from your respective repos.

I’m running this blue browser only since 5 minutes now but so far no problems. That thing imported all my bookmarks and add-ons from the regular Firefox. All I had to do was setting up my bloggo as startpage again.

My beloved bloggo looks as fine and sexy as ever. Complete with me already logged in.

Guess after 20 years on the regular Firefox I’ve found a new internetz browser. Was about time since the Mozilla Foundation is playing some dirty games lately. Everybody on Firefox should switch immediately … or as soon as possible. This is about our human rights, people.



    • See, I’m just a simple girl and quite happy with normal stealthy. Also I guess you pay a high price for Tor’s stealthyness in less creature comforts. I love my add-ons and bookmarks and cookies you know. And seeing Waterfox doesn’t demand me jumping thru any hoops but just works same as my old Firefox, I thought it’s a good idea to install it quickly. Now I can have a good conscience and claim to be a political activist (extreme lefty wingy n stuffz) despite living in the total comfort of the internet. Now I made the impossible possible by having my cake and eat it!



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