Just Had To Have a Look

Unfortunately I was the only avie on the sim so no eager bikini clad car valet was to be found.

… at the Hot Bay City Nights setup on the North Channel fairground.

The small handful car dealers had the usual variety of boring race cars and even more boring American cruisers of the 60s on exhibition. You know, all those fancy things everybody has in inventory since years anyway.
You know Orca’s always on the lookout for the more eclectic, small and peculiar stuff. For example like this thing that looks like an early Ford Econoline van/truck.
This is the contrast between American and European car culture. We Eurotrashs noticed pretty early we needed affordable, economical and practical cars for the people, the motorized masses, not wasteful shiny shit for the rich and stupid. Cars like the VW Beetle from Germany and the 2CV “Duck” from France. Errrm, let’s conveniently forget the efforts of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, BMW, Aston-Martin, Rolls-Royce for a moment, ok? Fact is, at least we had those Beetles and 2CVs and Renault R4s, and Morris Minors and similar stuff.
Here’s a much better modeled Beetle.
Of course my VW campervan is also on display. I’ve gotta say this is my absolutely most favourite car in SL, eventhough it’s not really a car but a van. 🙂

Let’s hope when North Channel fills up with folks later in the evening, that also more quirky and randomly rare vehicles will be on show and for sale.

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