Egg Bonanza!

Thought we were out of eggs, bought two sixpacks, and now …


… sitting on a fat 16-piece egg-nanza!

Now let’s see: Boiled eggs, fried eggs, omelettes, pancakes, egg salad, home-made mayo, farmer’s breakfast, eggs benedict, sugar eggs … what else can we do with those flippin’ things?

If you know of any fancy – but not complicated – recipes please lemme know in the comments underneath here.



  1. Sounds like what I did with blueberry Belvita crackers 4 months ago. I think I’ll run out in about 6 more months. They are started in boxes in my dining area so I get reminded about 5 times a day. 😭

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    • Willow, I don’t have 4 fukn monthes to consume those eggos.They are perishables you know. And perish is what they do. It’s their style! And it’s their way of reminding us of how short life is overall and that we should spend our limited time on earth wisely. For example by making lekker shit with eggs.

      Ever wondered what lekker means? Well, it’s dutch and has a similar meaning as the german lecker and the english tasty, delicious, yummy. Anyhoo, as it looks right know we’ll probably end up with 16 hardboiled eggos that we can just munch on as snacks. Not the worst solution, rignt?


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