Onsen @ [ e_yakata ]

Whoa, the e_yakata onsen is like totally new on the SL grid. The owner took possession of the parcel only in early August and it’s claimed to be still under construction. However, when I checked in today for a thorough cleansing of mind and body, everything seemed to work quite fine and it also looked good. Let’s see:

Since this onsen is not only Japanese owned but also part of the SL grid, we shouldn’t be shocked about certain interpersonal practises going on here. Still we’re grateful for the warning and take it in consideration.
The setup is really picturesque. Hot springs so close to the beach are a nice touch.
Of course, this sign isn’t really needed.
The entry process is refreshingly fast and without much of cultural mumbo jumbo. When you enter the onsen you come directly into the knock-it-off area. Maybe a freebie towel would’ve been nice tho.
Whoa! This is only the second time I’m not totally alone in the bathhouse. One, later two, admins seemed to enjoy the fruits of their labour as well.
Stupid thing: You kinda have to join the onsen group if you wanna sit on all the targets and enjoy the plethora of nice anims.
It’s easy to waste at least 10 minutes under the natural spring showers with all the activities, before you even wanna dunk yourself in the rock pool.
It’s almost too much stuff you can do here. Even if you’re just trying out the singles anims you won’t be bored too soon.
I forgot to toggle my viewer to Region Windlight. Still I guess this is the onsen with the bestest photo ops I’ve been to yet.
Enjoying the stillness, content, totally relaxed. It’s just super nice here.
You can even do a bit of meditation at the e_yakata onsen.
Or just sit pretty and look at the sakura blossoms.
Or be like Jane of the jungle. Only we don’t need a Tarzan, do we?
Oh, of course you can do some mild yoga as well. It’s like meditation in motion and soo fukn good for body, mind and spirit.
No fear, they don’t force you to do anything more complicated than the good old tree pose. Come on, every granny can do that!
And relax again in the hot spring water.
Down in the pool it gets crowded. Not my scene since I’m easily overpeopled and outpeopled …
… so I commit suicide by drowning msyelf in the only kneedeep rockpool. 😮
No, of course not! Suicide ain’t necessary when you have sake to drown your sorrows in.
HEY! I’m suffering a lot here! Gimme that fukn boddel and lemme … *schluuuuuurp* …
After a while I feel unfocused and everything becomes a bit blurry.
Sleeping it off at the edge of the pool wasn’t the bestest of ideas ever tho. It becomes rather uncomfy pretty soon.
Ok, on with anims testing. No idea what this specific anim is sposed to be. Somebody help me out, please?
By now we’re already three ladies in the pool. These two very European looking Japanese women are very quiet tho. Me’s grateful for them not gangbanging me. =^.^=
By now I remember to switch the Region Windlight on. It’s nice but very contrasty and harsh.
After I finish my hot bath for today I take a stroll down to the beach and check the really nice watering hole.
It’s really nice to re-hydrate after the exhausting yoga practice.
And just in case you’ve forgotten about the use of a beach bar, there’s a sign!


CONCLUSION: [e_yakata] is one of the nicer onsens I’ve reviewed so far. You can get into really sexy shit here but they also have lots of single anims for the traditional bather who just wants to experience gokuraku. 🙂 But after the many showering anims I’d wished for more variety in the pool as well. Still a very nicely made onsen. Highly recommended.



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