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Hey y’alls, just a quick heads up in some points.

  • Haven’t posted anything yesterday. Could collect Oubaas from the workshop so I can drive him around for shopping groceries and running errands on the weekend. On Monday of course I have to bring him in again. See, there is sooo much to do with that old thing, and because of his age, Oubaas is a problematic patient. You can’t just pull broken parts out and replace them with new stuff, no. Many parts need to be fabricated or sourced from scrap yards, and lots of stuff needs to be done with experimenting. All that takes a lot of time, and when at the same time my mechanic’s workshop is booming with business, it takes even longer. Like last week: Van was in the workshop with a long to-do list and when I got him back yesterday only one item was crossed off the list. 😮

So I went on a kinda big haul yesterday, but need to really stock up on Sunday so we can survive at least one full week without a vehicle.

Jeez, sometimes I wish I hadn’t sold the bikes. 😦


  • In response to Maiti … and just to prove my point:
That happened in this blogpost:


And just to show you my typical for-now weekly update, that goes so smoothly and without any hickups and even lets me use my PC during the process (typing this blog while I update), here’s a photo to prove it:


See the time? yeah, 14:00. It’s now 14:18, the update has finished and … friggin wonder! … MiniMax is still up and running and doing its blogging duty nicely.

Ok, I gotta admit, I didn’t post this just to triumph over Maiti but mainly to show our old and fugly Oubaas on the beach promenade. Welcome to the mostest free-est country on the fukn planet. What a life. 🙂


  • And very sorry for not posting anything today neither. Will go out to the parking lot soon and start taking measurements of the internal cabin size, so we can start designing the generous living quarters inside Oubaas. It’s not going to be a real live-in motorhome or something but just an overnighter. So no galley, fridge or heater. Just a foldable bunk that turns into a sofa for passengers, a desk for making sandwiches and putting the laptops on, and lots of storage space.

For the upholstery I was thinking of something from back in my childhood:

60s retro Pattern Printed Fabric Panel Make A Cushion Upholstery Craft Mad Mod 60s Geometric Striped Leaf Floral Cotton Upholstery Men Fabric 2+ Yards A Mod Stripe - Vintage Fabric Mod 70s New Old Stock Upholstery Velour




Vintage Striped Upholstery Fabric circa 1970's . Textured Woven Cotton material for furniture . avocado green marigold brown . projects

STRIPE UPHOLSTERY Fabric,2ydx36"wide,Vintage

2 Piece Vtg 60s Orange Green Striped Woven Canvas Upholstery Fabric 5 Yards















… or anything like that. You know, 60s, 70s beach chair design. Like Welcome to Orca’s Ice Cream Parlor. Catch my drift?

But first there’s so much to be done to get that old man at least roadworthy and in a reliable condition so it won’t die on us every 10 minutes. In lack of proper door locks and window cranks for such an old vehicle the mechanic plans to put in central locking by remote control and motorized windows. I like that plan very much. 🙂 Oh, but then, much more serious and much much more expensive, Oubaas needs a really thorough derusting and rust protection, lots of panel beating and a good quality respray. Me’s thinking créme white roof and Azure Blue and Capri Blue for the lower parts of the body. Something  nice, beachy and summery.

What do you think?




  1. PFFFFT!

    If i was feeling better, I’d go thru this blog and collect the multitudes of times you reported having failure after failure of Linux versions. Meanwhile I’m still typing this on my windows 8.1 machine…., you know the one right next to the windows 7 machine, and where I’m making space for my new win 10 Alienwear machine is going. My point is that you will Never be able to match that kind of reliability using Linux. Sorry just wont.

    I get it you like to play around with OS and computers, I get it. and that’s cool. But don’t ever rail me about reliability of OS, you never can match the reliability of the machines sitting on my desks, and will be featured when my newly built machine arrives next week, And that’s my point.

    • Oh Maiti, you misunderestimate me on purpose, do you? Just like in old times. Tee hee. 🙂 But okay, back to the earnest OS comparison and my personal experience:
      Ever asked yourself why the vast majority of the internet and 498 of the top 500 fastest computers in the world are powered by Linux?
      Ever asked yourself why in Windows you need all these anti-virus thingies, and other snake oil to keep your PC purring like a happy kitten? HDD defragglers, cleaning the registry, all that jazz …
      Ever asked yourself why Microsoft charges money for its software products when a couple thousand hobbyists can do the same and better for free?

      About Orca and Linux: You are wrong in your assumption that I encountered failure after failure. All Linux distros I ever installed on my hardware would’ve run reliably and rock solid stable and I’d kept them on had I liked the GUI and the look and feel of the desktop. That’s more or less the only the only attribute of any Linux I review. It’s personal, not technical. A question of taste and personal workflow.
      My favouerite system purrs along quite happily since 2011 I guess. Of course you’re right, I reinstalled the system, had to format the hard drive and start all over again a couple times. But that was my own fault, each and every time. Linux experts with 1,000 years experience warned me: “Don’t do this or that, dummy!” But Orca was like: “Fuk off, I don’t know what I’m doing, so what can go wrong?”
      And of course everything went wrong. And of course the system was fubared, and of course Orca was crying and had to start all over again.
      Again, nothing anyone can blame Linux for.

      I challenge you, Maiti: Install a Linux of your choice on any computer of your choice, as you’ve planned anyway for your media center, and try to crash it. Maybe you can do it. When you’re using a highly nervous freaksystem, Gentoo, vanilla Arch, PUP, sumsuch nerdcore toolboxes. Yes, maybe you can kill those. But install a run-of-the-mill Debian and use it accordingly … and it will give you the most formidable service for years and years and years. And you’ll never need to reinstall it … EVER! Windows will be on Win20 but your fukn Debian will still be rolling along quite happily, from update to update.

      Or, even better, walk a mile in my shoes and install Manjaro Mate. That thing is so mature by now and with it’s weekly or fortnightly updates tested quite enough and strikes the perfect balance between super hotness and super stability. Test it out and tell me what you think. I know hubby found it super … boring. And super … bland. But that was the only critique he dared to mutter. And he’s a security fanatic, has a Kubuntu from 2014 running and closed down his PC so nobody can infiltrate it. For each YT video he wants to watch he first needs to disable a dozen security measures. Of course he loves surfing on my “open” system, LOL.


  2. Actually Orcs, I don’t want to set you or Linux up for failure. It was my intention that once I get the other projects I’m settled with in the next couple of weeks, to ask you to help me with advice and other such support in order to give Linux a fair shake and to get it working doing as what the stated intentions are on the project.
    I’ll spend the money and do the work if you are willing to fairly treat me and help me with attempting to get the system working correct and long term.
    In return, should we get the system working, performing right, and looking like a professional product, I’ll write it up and set you up with a business making and selling them.
    The Reason? Since A: you helped me set it all up and get it working, And B: I wont be needing the income due to my short expectancy. Of course I would want to share proof that we have several working units but we would not give all the secrets away. Do We have a Deal?? All details from here should be spoke about privately, and between us.

    I’m very serious concerning this, for me this is fun and play time. I think you will be rather impressed when you see what I bring to the table.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh and Sammie, You can Kiss my ass, nothing will give me more enjoyment than setting Orca up with this and you can be sure it will be the only real legal agreement between us, you get nothing , nor any involvement.!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • “Actually Orcs, I don’t want to set you or Linux up for failure.”

      You couldn’t if you tried. =^.^=
      How do you wanna break into the gitsource servers and alter the ISO’s so any Linux distro becomes an unholy mess? You can’t. You just can’t!

      And what’s the worst that can happen anyway? We’re ending up installing not our favourite Linux but *shriek* … Win10???

      And anyway, contrary to Microsoft all errors and bugs in Linux are being hunted down and correctified and communicated within hours of their first appearance. God bless the forums.

      The worst thing happened last year to Linux Mint. The fault appeared on a single download file for like 2 hours on a single day. It was a deliberate attack by some bad hackers group and it was fixed 2 hours later. Of course many stupid stupid users were bitching for days after that and made videos about how to find alternatives to Mint and OMfG what to do now that the end days are upon us … Pfff.

      Best thing is, this version of Mint was already up for download since a couple weeks so everybody who wanted it had it already installed on their hardware so the number of affected users must’ve been around 2 or 3, if so many at all.

      Of course, like with everything in life, one should be careful. Careful what and from where you get your shit. If I wanna get Windows I grab the vanilla version from a Microsoft server, not the superduper extra special turbo version from some shady uploader on the Pirate Bay. Because these things are guaranteed riddled by viruses and malware. Same principles do apply to any Linux files: BE AN ADULT AND GET THEM FROM THE OFFICIAL SOURCES! For the experimental childish suicide shit we have Orca.


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