Free Ferrari!

For a thorough road test of this Italian monster machine I chose my fave testing road, Route 12 up in northern Nautilus. But this time I started at the western end of the route, in Clinker sim.


A free Ferrari? Impossible! If it’s true this is a fukn must-have!

Oh … well … *cough* Read the captions and find out yourself …

For a car scripted by a supposedly “fabled Wolfur Windstorm” my free Ferrari showed bad roadholding capabilities and went over the rails into the imaginary cornfields quite often.
Maybe my own bad latency and the fact that I tested during LL’s Tuesday madness didn’t really help this car in  making a good impression on me.
But … come on! Does it need to happen at each and every sim border???
Look at this road! Any motorist’s dream. This should usally be a total Ferrari playground. Too bad it didn’t work out for this poor example.
Not even at critically dangerous points of Route 12 did the wannabe Ferrari stick to the asphalt. Just imagine some harmless motorist came out of the sideroad. 😮
This wasn’t the Ferrari’s fault, for a change. The sim went offline just a second before I was about to drive into it with full speed. As you can see from the blurry textures nothing was even rezzed at the time I got stuck at the border to the void.
This on the other hand is just bad scripting like we had back in 2007. Showing the driver off the vehicle and losing camera used to be things of the passed past.
I know this vehicle has a hover function but I didn’t type in the command. Ferrari just started flying all by herself.
The overall blurryness of the vehicle has nothing to do with bad sim management but is just sloppy texturing by the builder.
Off the road again!

Anyhoo, as y’all might know Orca is more of a motorcyle fanatic and not too much into 4-wheelers. Particularly not silly sports cars. As camper vans I love ’em but sports cars are just too icky. 😦 But things like this, badly built and scripted aren’t worth to be bothered with at all.

CONCLUSION: Hands off! Don’t waste your precious time on bullshit like this car. Even as a freebie this one is still too expensive!


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