Riddle Solved!

That Totally Terrific Turdmobile!

Most vanners (ppl who are owning, driving, camping and/or living in vans) are naming their vehicles, and most vehicles – same as boats – are female. Just in case of our last two motor vehicles a female name didn’t seem to be right. Could you imagine that fugly turdmobile to carry a girl’s name? No, eh? We couldn’t either.

What a manly snout!

And this one, our brandnew Ford Transit van, does he look like a Vanessa to you? Or a Vangelina?


Much too modern Transit Mk.1 “facelift”. Could be a Vanessa.

That’s why we called him Oubaas. And just yesterday I finally found out what an oubaas he really is. We naive dummies always thought the Turdmobile was old, being built in 1976 and  all … well, lacking any paperwork and not even a VIN number available, we only knew our Transit was older than 1978, when it was replaced by the Mk2. But as it turned out the Transit Mk 1 with our particular front grille was even  more olderer. It was only built from 1965 up to 1970! Holy shit, we got ourselves a bonafide museum piece. 😮 At least the body, as we know the engine is a very modern recent one, being built up to 1992.

Muuuuuch too modern and eighties plasticky for our taste: The yuppie Transit Mk. 2 was built specifically to be a Vangelina.


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