You know Jackie as one of my more active readers. And you might know she’s a blogger herself and has a very very nice tech nerdy blog …

Jackie’s nerdy bloggy.

Yeah, exactly the stuff that makes me a) horny and b) jealous. Buuut now I wonder why she always complains about Linux and won’t install it since Skype’s Linux application looks like shit and there aren’t enough games availabe for Linux, when otoh she seems to be a real Linux expert from the looks of her blog. See that? Of the 9 visible blogstories in the photo of her title page 4 are about various Linux topics.

Jackie, what’s going on???



  1. Laughs! Its not that there are not enough linux games on steam, its that I already own a bunch of steam games in my library that wont play…so in the future yes, it is promising but what about the thousands of dollars already invested in games that dont or wont play on linux? Just toss them, ignore them and consider it money burnt? Yeah know I could probably get all fancy and learn how to use wine on linux? I have heard most things will run on it, I just never used it. Stay tuned I am building a linux only box that wont be for gaming anyway :). I can that use synergy to seemlesly use Windblows on one machine and linux on another with the same mouse and keyboard….besides it makes it cheaper to make a small form factor build without even needing a GPU and I want to try one of those Ryzen processors, I bet a Ryzen 3 would be great for normal office/home non gaming type tasks on linux…and yes Skype..yes I know there is an alternative but how to talk my 300 and some odd friends on skype into getting it???? yeah right…lol.

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    • “Just toss them, ignore them and consider it money burnt?”
      Noooooooooo….! Just use them on Windows or Wine or do whatever’s necessary to play ’em. BTW, I’ve never tried Wine either. This simple girl didn’t have a use for it.

      “I bet a Ryzen 3 would be great for normal office/home non gaming type tasks on linux”
      Oh yes. I’m pretty happy with the humble i3 in my ultrasmall Lenovo. I bet it would even be good enough for SL if paired with a decent GPU. Even works in its current state, just without eye candy. And your Ryzen 3 is better than an i3 I guess. So let the Linux ultrasmall games begin!

      “how to talk my 300 and some odd friends on skype into getting it????”
      I have no clue about the techie intricacies but I believe it’s not important what client everyone uses. I always thought VOIP is a bit like SL: I’m on Linux/Singularity, you might be on Windows/LL production viewer … and still we can join in the same world with similar experiences. We can even drive in the same vehicle or have a bonkfest. Everything is like totally compatible.


    • Sorry, still no clue about how to add it to my Followed list. I mean I could probably find out but I’m too ungeeky and have not enough interest in all these things. See, there’s a reason why I use Linux and even consider myself as the ultimate target group. Windows became to complicated and bothersome to maintain for me. I need simple clarity, Linux delivers.


      • “Windows became to complicated and bothersome to maintain for me. I need simple clarity, Linux delivers”

        This Week. Next Week you will have to Install Another Version. Let’s Face it Orcs, As long as anything is open source, it never settles and becomes stable.

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        • Oh Maiti, you doubting thomas, don’t you know that I’m like very happy with the Linux version on my production machine? I guess since 5 or almost 6 years now. Whenever I had to reinstall it, was due to my risky updating policies and stupidity. Since I dialed down to a Stable repo and only receive updates like every other week or so, the whole operation works like a fresh oiled clockwork. Manjaro MATE is the posterchild of rock solid stability in my PC park.

          No need for me to switch over to the slowpoke Debian, I’m stable enough thankyouverymuch. 🙂

          Of course as long as it’s open source (which it hopefully will always be) any idiot can fuk with the code and ruin it. But that’s the idiot’s own problem. As long as you download from the trusted servers of your trusted favourite distro you’re as safe or even safer than with Microsoft’s stuff.

          And thankfully it never settles. Linux is supposed to be in permanent development but that’s no reason for reinstallation. I’m on the … dunno … 4th or 5th new Kernel version since installation. Always worked out quite fine and without any problems. You know what that means, right? THE KERNEL!!! It’s like switching from Win 7 to Win 10 … and in Linux you do it in 10 minutes and one reboot. Finito. 🙂

          Never heard of Sourceforge? Like so many other distros the official and most of the Manjaro community repos are downloadable exclusively from there. Of course since it’s an open source product you must be a bit careful to choose the Sourceforge download servers and not from some fly by night operation.


  2. don’t worry miata not long to go now did your fancy new machine arrive yet?? i’m surprised you didn’t build it yourself for less than 500 bucks


    • Ah Sammy! glad you reminded everyone! once my Alienwear arrives i’m going to be pulling off the covers of the 500$ machine and showing them to all interested. Just to show my point it can be done and what sort of loser that you are, that you cant put something as simple together inside your kenmore box.
      I should ave the custom built machine this coming week, then I going to shut your loser mouth for good.

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