Hey! What About Us??

Just received my weekly email from Abhisshek Prakash. Look at this shit:


And this goes on and on. Well, it’s good and fine. Buuut … does it ever occur to anyone that the world consists of more than just IT Professionals and college students (future IT Professionals)? Don’t they know there is a whole human race out there, out here, in the real world? Don’t they know there are also like 50% of us who happen to be women, just women without being students or IT Professionals, housewifes, pensioners, kids, blue collar workers, hippies, humans of all kind? Have they forgotten the people they are suppposedly making all the Linuxes for? Or is Linux in their small minds still a circle jerk of geeks?

See, this email is a perfect example for PR going wrong! It’s exclusive, it’s supposedly addressing real people but behaves as if it’s talking in an echo chamber. Nice way of gaining the trust of us girls, Abhisshek. Nice way to make us horny for more Linux news, to bring Linux to the masses.

I rate this email an F-. 😦

Okay, I can assure you guys, it’s not as bad as Abhisshek makes it look like. You don’t need to be studying or working in IT to get Linux. You can be the stupidest person on the planet *cough* Orca *cough* and still enjoy the simplicity and reap the full benefits of Linux. If only those socially inept nerds wouldn’t try to propagate Linux to the non-nerds.


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