My Problem Children

… namely Luna and Sammie. 😉 This very shallow piece of propaganda is like just aimed at you two girlies directly. Look now:

LinuxBeginnersBy Anyone! You hear that? Anyone includes practically everybody on the whole fukn planet, even special bishies such as you! I mean ok, that gay voice doesn’t disperse any valuable info or background knowledge but the vid is sposed to convince n00bs to join the Linux gang. So better watch it now and be fukn amazed! Then say Ooooh and Aaaawe a couple times and stop complaining and finding stupid invalid excuses, but go to your distro of choice, download and install the shit out of it. 🙂

Once you done that let’s meet again and sing Kumbaya! 🙂



  1. I know not directed at me but sadly I will remain a Windows user as my daily driver because of 3 things 1) no firestorm viewer 2) have you ever launched the linux version of skype? ewwww and 3) 79% of my steam library will not run on linux…if a distro fixes those 3 things I am ALL in!

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    • Here we go again, Jackie. 🙂 Haven’t we been through this already?

      1) Of course the Firestorm viewer is available in Linux. All versions.

      2) No, I haven’t since we don’t use skype or much of a telephone at all. Apart from calling the food service and the mechanic we hardly ever use the phone. But there is a new Skype alternative I hear. Just came out a couple days ago. I haven’t looked into it because of no interest.

      3) When you can’t find enough games for yourself, not even in the gigantic steam library, that’s a reason … like a real reason, to stay away from Linux. Gladly I’m no gamer, else I’d have to stick with Win myself. :..( Brrr, shiver.
      At least there are more games available for Linux than for all 3 consoles combined!

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