Sim Runner

The voices in my head told me I needed a new vehicle. And when the voices say so, I guess I must do what they order me to do, don’t I?
So I went on the Marketplace (brrr, shiver) and just searched for “vehicle”. Didn’t really know what the voices wanted. Something quirky but not silly I guess. In any way something that would, look smokingly hot on me.
And, yay, pretty soon I found this sexy trike, called the Sim Runner by Surplus Motors. Looks cool, doesn’t it?
Contrary to my usual behaviour I actually paid for this thing: 25 fresh Lindies is quite a cool price for this formidably meshed trike. We even get some options …
A handful paintjobs, gearshift incl. reverse gear, cruise, hooter, burnout, size and position adjuster. And this whole thing is only 32 prims, 21 LI.
Rides/drives very nicely. Fast and can even climb hills remarkably well. This truly epic thing is a real fun machine. Comes highly recommended.


    • If we were in the Surplus Motors group we could’ve gotten the Sim Runner for 10 bucks, Jackie, which is even more betterer. 🙂 But the time is over and now it’s only available on MP, for 25 Smackeroos.


    • Not too sure myself, Lez. I mean it’s got a steering wheel and you’re sitted in a bucket seat, so it looks like driving.


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