Okay, Let’s Do It!


So, before you’re all jumping on me for a gangbang … I didn’t mean it that way! Perverts. 😦 Maybe some other time, ok? What I had in mind was a little feel-out to the community, a … no, not a questonaire or sumfink like it. No scientific shit here. It’s just my curiosity acting up. I wanted to know – and yes, this is about Linux, sorry – how many of you lovelies are on Linux, how many are thinking about trying it out? Are there any of yous like totally opposed to the thought of Open Source, non-commercial software and would never ever, not in a million years stray away from the brave American path of supporting your national software giants Microsoft and Apple and Adobe and others?

See, I don’t wanna incite one of the many longwinded discussions of fanbois and fangirls of the various camps. We’ve heard all the clever and stupid reasonings from the opposing sites at least a dozen times. They are boring. As I said in the beginning I just wanna develop a feeling for what the fuck you want! Today is a rather dead day, and I don’t have any material to post (will maybe log in world later but no idea if I get a story out of it), so it’s a good day for some deep thoughts and complex feelings.

Orca wants to have thoughts that are deep and develop feelings that are complex.

So, what I want you all to do is giving me a brief feedback in the comments below. You may stay anonymous if you like, I don’t give a fuk about who you are, LOL. Just let me know if you are interested in GNU/Linux and FOSS content at all. And if you are, what can I do specifically to quench your thirst for hot Linux news, reviews, opinions and propaganda?

Or what else would you love to read on this bloggo? It’s ok if you just post “send more nudes!”, I get it. 😉 But as you might have noticed, my personal interest inworld is steadily declining and for me producing a pure SL blog would be the shortest and most boring endeavour ever.

Anyhoo: Please respond somehow and lemme know about yourself, your needs and wants, your expectations, in world and off.



  1. Well i’m not interested at all in linux but i don’t mind as it is some you do really enjoy talking about.
    I like to much to read about your SL mainland trip travels but i fear for that you would have to had the time and will to do them more:)

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    • Yes, Foneco, you are correct. I need to spend more time inworld. For now a quick trip to the next onsen is all I can endure. I get nervous after about half an hour inworld and wanna get out. And mainland trips are … well, I did them all. I rode all Linden Routes on all continents for my Ridin’ stories. That was already back on the old blog. There is hardly any corner left on the mainland continents I haven’t visited yet. I need to find more attractions, more Japanese stuff …

      I haven’t visited all the new estates around Blake yet, but I swear to Buddha, when I see one more tropical or New England styled sim, I will eat my breakfast backwards. 😮

      So, what’s a girl gonna do? Yeah, a bit philosophing about software. 🙂 But even in regards of Linuy I’m slowly running out of material. I found out which distros are good for beginners, for girls, for computerwise unsavvy. There weren’t many changes going on in the last couple years. Linux is so stable and user friendly nowadays, It almost feels like writing about the (non-existing) intricacies of Windows. 😦

      But, yes, I must spend more time in world. OK Boss!

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  2. I’m interested. I’m not sure I have time to switch and learn another operating system. I also do astrophotography and Linux is very popular in scientific circles so I have another reason to think of it. So time will tell.

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    • Learn another operating system, Willow? Learn?
      Replace the learn part with a shallow curve of “getting used to” and you’re closer to the truth. The learning curve is like an un-learning process like when you go from Win to Mac. Everything is much easier and the system in and on itself doesn’t need any maintenance. If you want you can even leave the firewall untouched … and virae are still a non-entity. And defragging your hard drive? Pleeeez bitch, that’s for Windows victims. 🙂

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  3. As i have said over and over, i am firmly embedded in windows OS and will be using it for Computers for whats ever left in my life time.

    With that said, i am familiar with Linux, have used it professionally, in fact one time sending a VERY expensive 6 axis industrial robot arm thru a cinder-block wall destroying them both.

    But i am planning a little home project where i may decide on Linux being the OS, considering its small requirements – which have always made it perfect for what its generally used commercially for, things like tv set boxes and the like. So we’ll see and i do plan on reporting on this project and the decision right here on this Blog, if allowed to.

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    • I hope that little robot arm crash wasn’t Linux’s fault. 😮

      Apart from that you’re exactly right. Linux is perfect for little weakling computers, home theater applications, media centers, set top boxes, all that stuff. All the commercial applications are running Linux under the hood anyway. There are some great home theater softwares available for Linux, better and more than in the Windows infrastructure.

      Good choice, hun.


        • “a couple of decimal places”
          Well, mathematics was always one of my weaknesses all throughout my scholastic carreer, that’s why I studied history and not engineering. But even a dyscalculist like me knows that “a couple of decimal places” can make a world of a difference. In monetary terms they can make the diff between being a broke hobo and a millionaire. 😮


          • well it was this time the difference of picking up a small pl;astic part and positioning it in an assembly machine and sending it thru a saftey fence , a cynderblock wayy and into the parking lot outside by about a foot.

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  4. Not at all interested in facking about with my computer, so never will I go Linux!

    Sorry, Orca, I know you gave your best shot in trying to convince me. You can rest now. 🙂

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    • “Not at all interested in facking about with my computer” … which sets you smackbang into the target group of Linux users, Luna. Tests have shown that similar to Mac, bloody beginners, very young kids, housewifes and senior citizens getting stuffz done with Linux faster and easier than possible with Windows. Exactly the non-savvy, no-clue users are the people who need Linux the most.

      There is but one little hurdle: The will to do in fact a tiny little bit of “facking about”. After you have Linux save and soundly installed on your machine, or got a ready-made product, the coast is clear and you should have smooth sailing. Much smoother than you’re used to from that overcomplicated mess which is Windows.


          • /me dreamily stares at your cute face … 🙂
            Oh yes, A face much too cute to be facked with … hmm, except maybe when… *cough*


        • Yes, I do indeed frack up on a regular basis. BUUUUT! I’m doing it all just for my dear readers, and particularly you, dear Luna. Fact is, Linux in the year 2017 ain’t that geek paradise it once was anymore. It’s really similar to Mac (no wonder Linux and MacOS are both based on Unix) and if you follow my recommendations it’s verrrrry simple to use … and safe. No need to geek out in the terminal anymore, just install and be awesome!
          When I say Linux is made for housewifes I reallly mean it. I must know for I am a facking housewife and more or less clueless until I started digging into this Linux stuff and was blown away.


  5. i might be wrong, but i think Orcs has downloaded over 8 gazillion (give or take a few) distros and i ask my self WHY I get the impression ,rightly or wrongly, that it’s a constant struggle to find something you actually LIKE and by that, i mean want to keep foreverish? nope that’s not a word but you get my gist.
    Now, i like Apple, i hate windows, but that’s personal choice.
    SO with windows you can use a cheap shitty PC, with Apple, you can’t. it’s that simple really.
    with any unixy OS you can use cheap shitty PCs but they run faster?? not sure?
    Your average antivirus software, by definition , contains viruses and some very very deep trackers that google would be proud of.
    I asked Orcs about a week ago , after giving a simple list of requirements what Linux would be best
    She was either unable or unwilling to say, which troubled me..SO for me, Linux is now on a big backburner for the foreseeable future.
    Not sure why miata would want to dabble with her short future hahhahahhahhahhha short my foot!!!

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    • “Orcs has downloaded over 8 gazillion (give or take a few) distros”
      I don’t have the exact numbers neither, but it must be in the range of 8.395 gazillions indeed.

      “WHY I get the impression ,rightly or wrongly, that it’s a constant struggle to find something you actually LIKE”
      Your impression has betraayed you, darling. I’ve found my personal bestest distro like 4 years ago. My reason for downloading more distros is twofold: Firstly because I do it for the blog and my readers, twosly I do it because I can.

      “foreverish? nope that’s not a word but you get my gist.”
      Well, it is a word now. We can’t unhear it so it’s bound to stay and will, without the shadow of a doubt, be featured in the next edition of the Oxford dickshunary.

      “Now, i like Apple, i hate windows, but that’s personal choice.”
      Actually no. Windows and Apple are both unacceptable as corporations, while their software products Windows, repectively MacOS are not even in the same league. MacOS, as a Unix based OS, is the clear winner. And ok, I admit it, Apple’s hardware used to be great as well.

      “SO with windows you can use a cheap shitty PC, with Apple, you can’t. it’s that simple really.”
      Stop right there, youngling! You can purchase a cheap shitty PC, delete Windows/reformat the harddrive and install MacOS’s free brother, Linux. Problem solved. And with the correct internal hardware you can build yourself a Hackintosh and install MacOS on it. That machine won’t be dirt cheap, tho.

      “with any unixy OS you can use cheap shitty PCs but they run faster??”

      “not sure?”
      For sure!

      “Your average antivirus software, by definition , contains viruses and some very very deep trackers that google would be proud of.”
      No idea why you mention the topic of antivirus crappola but I agree with you 100%.

      “I asked Orcs about a week ago , after giving a simple list of requirements what Linux would be best
      She was either unable or unwilling to say, which troubled me..”
      Oh, why? I was neither unable nor unwilling to say which Linux would be best. It ‘s just the nature of the beast that “The! Absofrigginlutely! Bestest! Linux! In! The! History! Of! Fuckn! Ever!” is different for each user. For you, we should maybe look into something that looks n feels Mac-ish, right? But since my last experience with Mac was with 9.2 and many things have changed since then, I really dunno what Linux distro comes closest to the Mac. For unspecified, un-mac-ish, requirements you know my recommendations. I wrote about them long and short, from left to right and up and down. I guess it doesn’t need to be explained specifically that those distros for more or less specific use cases are actually “The Bestest!” … (in my humble opinion). Ask Robin, ask Trap, ask Maiti, they will each tell you something different. Why? Because they can! Because Linux gives them the amazing freedom. It’s more than deciding between Windows and MacOS, we now have the awesome choice between literally hundreds of operating systems, so you can’t expect a unisone answer.

      “SO for me, Linux is now on a big backburner for the foreseeable future.”
      Aaaaw… 😮 But then, in the unforseeable future, you join us, ya?

      But ok, I’d hate to see you leaving here feeling frustrated. You want one definite answer, and you shall get it: Linux Mint 18.2. Cinnamon or MATE, I don’t care and they are almost identical anyway. Cinnamon is a bit slower than MATE I guess, but modernerer and beautifullerer. 64- or 32bit depends on your computer. When it came originally with Win XP or Vista, up unto 2008/9ish, download the 32-bit version. When it came with Win7, say 2010 and later, it should be safe to install the 64-bit version. Or if the hardware spcs mention Intel i3, i5 or i7 processors it’s a 64-bit machine anyway.


      So, that’s it. My definite answer. Happy now?

      xoxoxox =^.^=


  6. Mucho Thanks I don’t need or want a mac clone, i want a good fast stand alone easily customisable system it’s pretty simple, desktops etc can be made pretty but that’s frippery it’s what behind it I will keep looking let you know soon xxxx

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    • “it’s what behind it”

      1) The desktop is your immediate first contact with the new system. You’ll live in it, you touch it, you feel it. A not to underestimate part of the system if you don’t wanna compute in command lines.

      2) If you’re really after what’s behind it I could give you at least 2 other options. But I honestly don’t think you’re ready for them.


  7. i could ask miata and then chose exactly the opposite knowing her track history for bullshit hihi No how exactly do you drive a robot thru a ohhh forget it utter tosh as per xx

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