\o/ YAY! \o/ The climax of the Cowes Week, the infamous Fastnet Race, has started! 608 nautical miles from Portsmouth to Ireland, rounding the famous Fastnet Rock lighthouse (in SL: Blake Sea – Crows Nest), and back to England’s south coast harbour of Plymouth. Over 400 competing yachts of all classes (your editrix sailed this race in 1995 on a club yacht as sole female among a crew of permadrunk young guys, joking, full of innuendo) and many countries. Since the time I sailed it, the FR has become a playground for the international professional sailracing elite and more millionaires than ever before. Anyway, in German news mag Spiegel Online (SPON) they are showing a bunch of photos since one of the reporters sails on one of the fastests yachts, a foiling IMOCA 60, with Monegassian prince Pierre Casiraghi and another German professional racer. It’s maybe nice for guys who only know sailing from SL to see a little bit of how it looks in RL, from the inside.

Sailracing from the inside. When you visit the story, just clicker on the little brown Fotos box in the lower left corner. The text is less interesting since in German. :/

Not too much action yet. Maybe they show more once the race heats up.


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