My Name is Nobody

No, I’m not interested in fashion blogs but Tinliz’s first paragraph is something I can so like totally understand and underwrite to. Always blog as if nobody’s watching and accept reactions by others as a bonus.

What a Beautiful Mess!

My Name is Nobody

When I take the photos and write my blog posts, I go about it as if no one will see it. I’m not doing any of to be noticed or become Second Life famous if there is such a thing, I just enjoy the whole process that is blogging. So, when random people instant message me saying hello, and various other forms of greetings, I’m always baffled how they picked me to talk to. When I ask why they’re talking to me, the answer is ‘your blog’ or ‘flickr page’, it’s then that I realize that people do read and view my pictures and blog posts. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since I do get views on both. 🙂 I don’t mind it really, I’m Canadian so I’m usually fairly polite, but I find it odd when the person is insulted that I won’t friend them or meet them…

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    • Naw, I’m a very weird German living in South Africa, having no patriotic feelings for neither lump of land. As you are very well aware of, darling. But, I guess if I’d ever be forced to move across the Atlantic, even if the weather isn’t completely right for this beach bimbo, I’d rather try to immigrate to Canada than to the States.


      • I AM a Canuck! There’s no comparison between Canada and the States. I could never live there, although our winters are cold, dark and long. 😀


        • Too bad you’re not only a Canuck but also an Anonymous. So the info content of your comment is somewhere around zero. 😦


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