Lucky UK Linux Users. :)

You’ve got a new source! A UK based supplier of hardware pre-installed with various Linux distros of your choice. Looksie here:

Station X has you covered.

The name’s Station X and they operate out of Bletchley, Buckinghamshire and they send their systems to other EU countries as well. Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and The Netherlands are all in their reach. Dunno why I, as a German, should by overpriced stuff from England when we have some pretty nifty Linux PC assemblers in our own country? And as an African dweller I’m basically fucked anyway, but if you’re living in England, Wales and Scotland, Station X is (one of) the best source(s) for you guys.

Some of Station X’s products.

While I find their hardware rather Meh, as they use pretty much the same barebones as all the other small-time “manufacturers”, the choice of preinstalled Linux distros is simply amazing:

Whoa! Even freakish expert geek Linuxes like Bunsenlabs, Solus, Fedora, OBRevenge, Manjaro and Sparky are available. SPARKY! Amazing!

Of course the free distro choice is no big deal. Once you know a litte bit about Linux you’ll install a dozen differnt distros inside of 10 minutes but for the starter it’s a priceless advantage!

And isn’t that the whole point of purchasing ready-made Linux PCs? Having the peace of mind and knowing your system will be compatible with your chosen distro and will run fresh out of the box. Saving the “Microsoft Tax” (which costs you money, even if the manufacturers won’t let you in on this) and still having a Linux computer you can just plug in and start directly. That’s how you’re used to it from your usual Windows and Mac machines, right?

StationX’s newest ultrabook is the Spitfire. No need to buy overprized Apple crappola.

Yes, there are already two other suppliers in the UK but as we all know competition is always in favour of the buyer (you). So, have a look at what StationX, Entroware and Star Labs can do for you and in just a couple days be ready to join Orca, Robin, Trap, and many other clever people on the light side of life!

So here’s a video by our favourite England based polypus sufferer Quidsup. He examines the all knew MacBook Pro killer, Spitfire:



    • That’s the UK, hun. Aren’t they always more expensiverer than the rest of Europe? And of course Station X as a boutique manufacturer doesn’t have the marketpower and can’t purchase shit in huge quantities like Dell and Asus and all the biggies can, so they won’t get good prices from the OEM suppliers neither.
      And, hey, I’m not recommending buying anything from them, if you don’t really have to. An averagely talented person could get some laptop shit from the goodwill store and install Linux on it. For the rest there are nifty little shops like Station X.


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