Onsen @ Moe Moe Kyunn Kawai Hangout

After a long, hot and sweaty day on the construction site of OrcMedia’s new headquarter it’s time for a refreshing and cleansing hot bath. So I jump out of my clothes and onto my moped and TP to …

Oyoyoy, if you only know the littlest bit about the anime and otaku culture you know what to expect from the onsen I visited today.

Now it should become clear for even the thumbest unculturized person that this bathing experience will be very kawai and very very pink!
Everything in this bathhouse is painted in the softest of all pinkish hues I’ve ever seen. Except the free towel which is fresh and crispy white.
The art on the walls reflects the owner/admins love for anime girlies. Ok, otakus aren’t the worst perverts ever but actually really cute and nice people. As long as they can accept that Orca ain’t their waifu. =^.^=
A little bit of traditional body cleansing before I can finally …
… jump into the hot spring water and let the soothing effect of water and the pastel-ish paint work on me.
Unfortunately there are only two sit targets in this bathhouse, one on each side of the pool, which seems to be divided between boys and girlies.
At least the sitters also have couples anims in the menu, which I – for obvious reasons – didn’t check out tho.
And that’s basically it, that’s all we can do in this most pink onsen on the grid.
No shower anims, no massage banks, no tea drinking, no sake, not a single vendor offering refreshing milk coffee.
Just sitting there, soaking and meditating might be perfectly serviceable enough for a dull loner like Orca, I guess most other SL resis would freak out by now.
If the Moe Moe onsen would be a bit more hyperactive and anime-like, I wouldn’t complain tho. How about one of those slip on the soap bar anims and some rubber duckies?
Where you can bath with a rubbaduko.
Those were the days …


FAZIT: In its current state the Moe Moe Kyunn onsen is indeed kinda kawaii, but only kinda. The build in the sky is a bit too chic and clean to be cute. Just painting it pink doesn’t help much and the lack of funny activities and anims turns the bathing experience into something pretty boring. So even the first onsen I ever visited for this column, the Amakuni Yu, although aiming for and providing the most earnest and realistic bathing experience, was more cartoonish fun than the Moe Moe.

I expected more.

Cya @ my next splishy splashy adventure …


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