Be an Adult!!!

… I know it’s hard and nobody wants to. That’s why we dress up pixel puppets on the internet. But nevertheless: BE A FUKN ADULT! Show some responsibility … at least for yourself. And the best and easiest way to show what a big reasonable girl you are is by backing up your fukn data!

Grumpy Grandma - Album on Imgur

It’s a plight. It’s not sexy. Not at all sexy. In fact are backups a dry and joyless administrative labour. And so complex to top it off. It’s so easy to forget stuff, to just not save it before you format your hard drive (for example to install Linux) or when you move from your old and busted PC to a new and sexy one (so the old one can be used for Linux). Been there, done that, didn’t get the t-shirt. Also I always refused to become an adult, responsible member of society and never made a plan for myself and my poor poor photos, texts and documents.

woman making plans
Making a simple plan … is simple.

So when disaster strikes, mostly in  the form and shape of a stupid Orca, I wasn’t prepared and lost my complete identity … all in a single swoosh. 😮

Problem: Deleted files, computer crash or other disaster

So I decided to grow up. Just a little, you know. Just enough to keep myself safe, just in case. What I did was buying external storage space. External hard drives and USB sticks are my media of choice, since I have a childish – or meta adult – fear of “the cloud”. I want my data on hand, always with me and accesible even when the internet is down or I otherwise don’t have accesss to it.

So, here’s my tip #1 and #2:

#1: Be an adult!


Staring at pretty clouds is pretty but like totally useless. Storing your data in the cloud is downright immature shit! 😦 Only Google-ists, Chrome fanatics and Americans do that. 😮

#2: Use your own local storage!


Now things get a bit more complex … brrr, shiver … let’s make a plan for backup. 😮 Making plans to go to the beach is fun, making backup plans much less so. If it’s any consolation for you I will say this: You can wear your sexy bikini while backupping … upbacking … ugh, conducting your backup.

Some bathing suits contain built-in gel bras.

As a self-confessed incompetent tech lover I don’t wanna deal with real plans or stupid backup software which backs up a whole data center. Fuck it, I don’t even wanna backup my whole system, just my personal data, thank you very much. I mean, why would I backup my whole Windows/Linux/Mac system? In case of a total crash and burn I got it freshly installed in a matter of minutes (or in Windows, within hours), so we ignore that shit. What we want and need is our most important data. I dunno what it is for you, in case of Orca Flotta’s RL representation agent it’s mostly photos, screen backgrounds, snapshots from SL and RL, movies and music, and text files.

Ways to Detect, Diagnose and Resolve Network Performance Issues and ...
Burn motherfucker, burn!

#3: Be selective!

Here, lemme show you:


This is a screenshot of Orca’s desktop. Of course it must be Orca’s as everything is so little you can’t really see much without a microscope. What fun! 🙂 See the 2 open windows? Yeah, that’s my music library and my +800something background photos for the desktop. As you can see VERY VERY important data that needs permanent backup and safety.

On the upper edge of the screen we see some icons, which are folders. In these folders I keep my short term important data I need daily access to. Blog shit of the month, 1708 right now. Come September I will move the 1708 folder onto an external hard drive … only to never use it again. LOL. Same with the other folders up there: Photos (which is a loose collection of images from everywhere around the net and out of my digicam), Kitten (cat photos), Käse (short phrases I use as blog taglines) and Transit Photos (a new collection of photos of Ford Transits, I dunno what to do with yet).


On the left side of the screen you see the standard folders Computer and Home, which I renamed MiniMax and Orca since these are the names of the computer and me. Looks just like our Windows screens of old used to look like. Not interesting at all. We don’t wanna dive into the intestines of the system but keep it all on the surface as much as possible. So we can’t forget anything when we’re doing a backup.

Below those we have WD1TB and USB-Stick, oddly named folders for my external hard drives. WD1TB is our movie platter, we push all our movies onto it and don’t keep them on the computer. My 256GB SSD would be much too small. USB-Stick is a 512GB drive on which I save all other data, music and texts and photos. So every once in a blue moon, usually once a month I backup all that shit onto that platter. Takes around 20-30 mins.


No prob, we can carry on with awesome blogging and/or playing and being immature in SL. And at the same time we’re doing the responsible, reasonable adult stuff. And we’re doing it so well! Cool beans. And sooooo easy.

old_man_yells_at_cloudI bet your grumpy grampa can not do it.


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