Why Sansar is so much like Trump?

A short but ultra accurate commentary by ZZ Bottom. I’m loving it!

ZZ Bottom misadventures in Virtual Worlds!

Cause we all hate it but we do fear the outcome if it goes away.

Sansar failure will probably mean for sure the failure of LL and the end of SL.

Trump’s impeachment will means Pence will get the job and the religious Ultra right wing strategy will work as intended from beginning by the Tea Party group.

We all will loose much more, but we can not endure them as well.

Damn World we live in.

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    • Oh. That sounds to me more like a clientside problem, not caused by LL. The installer is probably an .exe file, right? In your downloads folder. Just right click and chose delete if my memories of Windows are correct. If that doesn’t work there is something wrong in your system.

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      • Yeah, it worked the second time. I went there, got my avi, and tried to make sense of the Atlas, which is just a jumble list of experiences. Seems there ought to be a way to sort categories, or even a list of creators, but I didn’t see one. And no seas or sailing … so I left.

        BTW, how do I set up a cute face on this blog? I don’t wanna be a pink outline anymore. 😀

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        • Oh, the cute faces are actually the noggins of our SL avies … mostly. Of course you can use a photo of Dustbin Beeber if you really wanna but nobody wants that. Or do they? It’s easy, it’s a thing called Gravatar.
          You can upload your mugshot there and use it in a lot of internetty things, like for example WordPress blogs. It’s so easy even Orca got it figured out, which is one of her greatest achievements and much more complicated than installing Linux. 🙂
          No idea if it worx with closed source shit as well, never tried gravatar on my guugel blog I guess.


  1. I keep thinking about Sansar …

    SL was a vertical learning curve for me, but the action always kept me interested (my third rez day is coming up). There is NO action in the “experiences” so I just can’t see the point of building another life in a place that’s just about oooh ahhh. Willow and ZZ are quite right!

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    • Yes. But in all fairness this is early beta, not the real thing. For now it’s just oooh ahhh but in the future I guess it’ll become more interactive and maybe even community driven. If the VR craze will survive the winter that is. I guess once the first VR enthusiasts will trample on their cats, wrack the good china and walk through closed windows and doors and tumble 30 storeys down it will have far less of an appeal. It’s a novelty, a curio, not more, not less. =^.^=


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