Switch to Linux. Do It Nao!!!

Because according to Bryan Lunduke …

And you don’t wanna be a Johnny-come-lately, do you? I mean, ok, Windows will unfortunately still be around for a while longer but Mac? OMG, if you’re still in that restricted world get the fuck away from it!!! In 3 short years Mac will be dead on the desktop. And Apple knows it, they are actually gradually taking themselves out of the market as we speak. Each year their machines become more weird and less adorable and I guess this very blog here has more readers on Linux than on Mac already.

But listen to Bryan’s reasoning and decide for yourself. He’s not  very scientific and maybe his numbers are biased by a view thru his pink goggles … but even if Linux will not gain market dominance and Win and Mac will continue to stay with us, there is nothing wrong with trying Linux. Giving it a t least a serious trial is what every computer user owes … not to the world but to themselves!


So, jump ship now, do the big switcheroo, change your allegiances, come to the light side, so in Dec 2053 you’re one of the clever people who can state with pride: “I told you so!”


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