Ghost in the Shell, a Last Time

… and then I’ll put this unhappy topic to rest, once and for all. But as it so happened, one of my favourite YT channels, The Nerdwriter, made one of his always great philosophical thinkpieces about GitS 2017 and why it’s so much worse than anything we’ve ever seen from the GitS franchise before. Here, look:

I feel almost a bit sorry for poor ScarJo, being burned in such a piece of junk clueless filmmaking. Honestly, how Rupert Sanders could speed up the movie in such a hurried way and still come up with a real boring shitflick is beyond my grasp.

They did everything wrong, they didn’t understand the source material, or why the original 1995 anime was shot so totally different to the 2017 interpretation. It’s just bad. But hey, I’m slowly feeling the burning rage again. That’s no good, Go, watch Nerdwriters analysis instead.



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