Doodling Gets Serious!

OrcMedia’s headquarters is now 5 storeys high. Enough space for what’s basically a one-woman show. 🙂
Added and roughly textured a rooflight and played with internal walls to create living spaces.
Started plastering the house in concrete.

Not sure yet if I’m in the mood to add internal staircases or a TP system or if I ignore that problem like totally. I mean it’s truly easy enough to manually TP ones avie over short distances, isn’t it?


  1. Sure it is possible to teleport short distance and it has been for a long time. In my first big multi floored house I built in 2005 I had no stairs. I just used one of the local teleport systems that are available all over the grid. They are cheap and will save you prims too. Back then saving prims was more important than it is these days. You can also teleport outside the building. For example I setup a teleport to a dock that was on the land. Then you were limited to teleports within the same sim and maybe still are I don’t know.

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    • In usually TP with following mind trick. My sight leaves my body and goes a-wandering until it sees a good place to TP to. I doubleclick it and … voila! For such magic one needs to have the doubleclick TP option activated of course.


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