Sansar and then SL back again!

Foneco took one for team SL Sailing and checked out Sansar firsthand. Here’s her report. Sadly without photos of the trainwreck she found there. Exactly as I feared it would be. It’s not SL2. Thank you very much, LL, but you missed your call once again. Not everything with avatars and a dramatic skysetting has me automatically triggered to spend my time and money in there.

ZZ Bottom misadventures in Virtual Worlds!

36150747692_674580593a_z36318846775_ee33464554_o.png36318853025_ffac30080c_o.png36150742212_15211d7d1a_o.pngNobody can speak bad about something until ones tries it.

And i did tried.

Interface is very easy to install, the creation of an account idem, the avatar creation screen also, even if by now very limited (but is a early beta so that will change for sure, sic).

The problem starts after that, the 1st login on a experience took me like 15 minutes before i had to quit, unsuccessful)

The 2nd attempt, on a LL experience sim, took me 6 min and 35 sec to enter.

Graphics where nice, sound was nice but nothing i was not used to in Secon life with my more then 2 year old rig.

I can not understand how some are saying they are breathless, can they not use the high graphics settings in sl?

And then the rest, Sansar was made with a goal, for 3d users and i do hope…

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