How to Lose Readers

I should’ve seen it coming. They kinda had this sign up since a couple months already …

You’re ordering me to do what?

That fukn Newser website angered me since quite a while. Hubby even cracks jokes about me having it in my daily patrol. And I was kinda thinking of kicking it off anyway but today they kinda surprised me. No little X in one corner to close that message and read on anymore. They really won’t allow me to enter their holy title page anymore.

Too bad, Newser. You fucks were never a particuarly good site in the first place. Who needs randomly selected news we can get from other, better sites without switching our ad-blockers off? And now I have the perfect excuse for kicking you off my bookmarks. \o/ YAY! \o/ Go ahead, stop existing then.

Shutting off my ad-blocker, ya ya, of course I will. Of course. 😉



  1. No site has content desirable enough to turn off my ad blocker. I want to go into a site and see the site, not ad’s. If you try to force me to see ad’s, I do not need your site. End of story.

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    • Pretty radical solution. Good girl! Verrrry good girl!

      Can I repay you with sexual favours?

      /me lays her weary head in Lez’s bossom and purrrrrrs … =^.^=


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