Best Linux Distributions That are Not Based on Ubuntu


Following Switched to Linux’s Top 5 Distros for stupid n00bies today It’s FOSS new YT channel made a similar list of the 6 bestest distros that aren’t based on Linux. For Abhishek and his gang this is obviously something very special since they are very Ubuntu-biased. We couldn’t care less but enjoy a list of decidely non-Ubu based distros and particularly which one they choose as #1. This particularly made Orca  happy girl. 🙂

It’s FOSS’s list features:

#6 Solus: Very good newcomer, kinda similar to ArchLinux but made from scratch. Wasn’t mature enough in my last test but has a big future.

#5 PCLinuxOS: Kinda oldish distro with many hardcore fans, for example our friend Robin. Orca didn’t like it a bit. 😦

#4 openSUSE: Very old and mature very KDE-biased distro with a strong commercial big brother. Comes with everything but the kitchen sink. Orca thinks it’s rather meh.

#3 Fedora: Total bullshit, doesn’t even come with media codecs and proprietary drivers. Also has a multi-billion commercial mothership, Red Hat Linux.

#2 Antergos: Kinda Manjaro but a little bit closer to vanilla Arch. Some weird people prefer it. :/ Orca loved it but already lives in a different home base. 🙂

#1 \o/ Manjaro \o/: Everything you’d ever need and want, all rolled in one! Comes in 3 official flavours and 7 community editions.


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