Top 5 Linux Distros for New Users in 2017


The good Tom of Switched to Linux YouTube channel gives us his Top 5 recommendations for new users in 2017. Here, I make it short for you:

  • Linux Mint. Orca fully agrees and seconds this choice.
  • Ubuntu MATE. It’s MATE,and for that reason alone Orca likes it. But Ubuntu? Please, nooooo…
  • MX-16. It’s a Debian, which is a good basis and in so far preferable over Ubuntu. Don’t like the rest.
  • elementary OS. A Mac clone and kinda pretentious and arrogant. Not even Tom likes it. 😮
  • Zorin. You get the choice between a highly modified Gnome desktop and something that resembles a Mac. Whoa, they’re changing their agenda more often than their undies. Kinda hateful shit.

Actually Orca in her radicality only deems one of the candidates worthy of being a worthwile n00bie distro. But now let’s see and hear what the far more knowledgeable Tom thinks about his Top 5 choices:


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