Strawberry Singh and Sansar

Our most beloved fashion and body beautification blogger did it. Of course she was among the firstest SL resis who got invited into Sansar. And different from other Beta testers she had her camera rolling right from the first moment on. And also she tested Sansar under realistic conditions, without an Octopus but on a normal desktop computer.

Very romantic Berry in Sansar sunset.

Find Berry’s interesting videos on her blog. Or just clicker on it in my sidebar there –>.

Quite obviously it is doable, even if Berry remarks on a jerky camera. But all in all she was blown away by the realism and the richness of detail. Oh my, now even me’s kinda interested in trying it out but I guess my good MiniMax isn’t quite up to the task and there’s one even bigger hurdle: Sansar hasn’t been ported to Linux yet! 😮 😦

Of course our mercurial friends at the lab  had to trip into the usual trap for stupids by choosing Microsoft’s Windows as the OS to use. Oh my, why does it alway have to be fukn proprietary kiddies shit they base the most interesting stuff on?

What I found most poignant in Berry’s writeup was this section:

I personally do not have VR Goggles so I have not explored Sansar in that way as of yet, I have only used a desktop computer to explore it. I have tried HTC Vive with other VR games and it made me feel quite dizzy and disoriented so I am not sure if that is something I will get into, but if I do, I will share my VR experiences in Sansar with you guys here on my blog and my youtube channel. If you are wondering what kind of computer I use to explore Sansar, you can see a full list of my computer specs on this page.

Yeah, exactly. I’m not too much into paying lots of money just for getting disoriented and dizzy. Also I can’t and won’t update MiniMe’s specs anytime soon. I’m specswise still above the average SL resident I believe, and for my one or two weekly trips into our fancy little virtual world it’ll do some more years I guess. Probably longer than LL will keep up with their promise to keep SL alive and online. And then there’s still that fukn incompability with Linux. So adieu, brave new world collection of unconnected experiences. :/

Avatars in Linden Lab's Sansar
SLelebs Maxwell Graf, Berry and Draxtor Despres. Via Berry’s blog.


  1. For what i read on “The bitch’s” blog, it is fucking laggy, takes forever to enter on a “experience” and is going to be a hug flop, as i had predicted since beginning.
    The good thing, Ebbe will go out of the door, the bad, the resources used could had been so much better employed on same that still gives LL profits, SL.

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    • Yes, as much as I loved Ebbe’s influence on building a better grid in the beginning, the worse I loathed his non-comprehension of the SL world and his silly, useless VR adventure for which he gambled away the SL resident’s taxmoney. For us a lose/lose situation, for SL a lose/lose situation, for new Sansarianers, as well as LL employees, a uncertain future. It’s just not worth it.

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  2. Such ugly avatars! Look like claymation action figures.

    Trying to figure out why I’d go to this world, but not coming up with any reasons. I’ll just wait for Orca’s eventual takedown. 😛

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    • LOL Luna, I guess you’ll have to wait very long for Orca’s takedown or any other reaction to Sansar. I’m not planning to ever log into that experience. Heck, can’t hardly convince myself to log into SL anymore. Oh, that reminds me, my new media empire’s headquarter needs more construction work done and I could use another onsen experience and why not trying to sail a couple miles again? Oyoyoy, sooo much to do, so much time on my hands, so little motivation. 😦


    • Hmm, here’s an idea, Luna: Sansar BETA is up and running and it’s open. So why don’t you be the pioneer and check out some Sansar experiences and make a lot of snapshots and write a nice first-hand article for Thar She Blows? It’s probably your last chance to look as fancy or fugly as Strawberrry Singh! Knowing her, she’ll be soon sporting very fashionable clothes and skins and eyes and stuff again. And poor us will never be able to reach her level of sophistication again. But right now you’re on the same Berry level!



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