Sansar is out and then what?

I approve of ZZ’s opinion wholeheartedly.

ZZ Bottom misadventures in Virtual Worlds!

For me, nothing at all, for our SL community, a waist of time and resources on some that will never be SL2 as we wish and desire. For LL a shot on the foot and hope not in the head.

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    • Maiti, Sansar is in very early open beta stages. We shan’t expect groovy mass parties and a real street life there. I guess we shall never expect that in a non-world on non-connected experiences. Sansar is more like goal driven; you log in, visit a certain experience, do your stuff there and then you leave again. The whole setup doesn’t lean itself to just hanging out like SL did and does since 2003. Sansar is no place for all us useless slackers and welcome center hang-arounds. What the eff did you do in that boring environment for 4 hours?

      Oh, btw, can we expect a little report with some snapshots in your bloggy as well?


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