Sansar Newness

Sorrysorrysorry. Yes, I know I promised to ignore that VR thing, whatever it’s gonna be. But I just got word via Daniel Voyager’s blog that … ugh, read it yourself:



When I try to  click on the original message I only get this:

A dead link?

But my personal tech probs aren’t point of the discussion here. What got my attention was the statement by Oz Linden that SL won’t go away, not even a little bit. That’s nice and assuring to hear. Also in regards of future financial investments into SL. Because when and if I decide to buy a piece of land again, I wanna be sure that LL won’t shut the lights off and closes the grid. That’d be a bummer, won’t it? 😮

I mean, LL has never been a stable and reliable business partner or grid host but I’d hate them outright soooo much should they decide to shut us down. 😦



  1. I get the same error when I try to go to the blog post.

    I keep up with posts about Sansar because I’m curious but I don’t even intend to try it. I would say my interest in Sansar is like why some people go to NASCAR car car races or why disaster movies are popular. Big wrecks are fascinating!

    Given LL’s mercurial past I don’t really trust them to continue SL even though they keep saying they will.

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