With Oubaas Still in the Workshop

… and the mechanic waiting for newly made mountings for the automatic gearbox we’re kinda grounded and quickly running out of food supplies. 😮 If that funky van isn’t ready by tomorrow I’d have to walk to the convenience store to do the groceries. 😦 A white madam walking to the grocers. Naaw, whities don’t do that. We’re supposed to ride in cars. And imagine that: Me. Walking! Thru the not so nice quarters of our fancy suburb, where all the vagrants and “job seekers” hang out and get high and drunk. Unimaginable, but still I had to do it much too often in the last couple of years. First with the notoriously malfunctioning Turdy and now with Oubaas as well. Fük!


Anyhoo, for tonight we still had some food of some sort. Just tossed together our last fresh egg, half a bag of pasta, 2 trays of mushies, one pack of pasta sauce, 1/4 liter fresh milk, and one small packet of black forest ham … and an overabundance of all kinds of herbs and spices. Contrary to expectations it turned out quite satisfactory. Hubby even wanted a second serving.

But this was really scraping the barrel. We don’t have any more food in the house now! 😮 Maybe I can throw together some muesli for breakfast but then I’d have to do The Trek to our local grocer … or the fukn slowest mechanic on the planet will deliver Oubaas back to us before we’re turning into fukn skeletons. I surely hope so.

I mean, ok, hubby is more than just enuff, so he can survive quite a while without any food, but the ultra fast metabolism of my yoga bod doesn’t give me any wiggle room to go malnourished for an extended time. And you don’t wanna be close to me when I reach the state of hangry! 😮


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