More Prim Doodling

But didn’t get far this morning. Got IM from my girl Allie and we got lost in chat. Was important to catch up with recent events concerning SL and SL sailing and RL politics … particularly around TYC and all the stuff I hardly hear anything about anymore.

But this is how far I’ve come today with the construction of the Flotta Publishing Corporation’s headquarter …


Made the second storey overhang the ground floor a bit and added a windowed frontside. Kinda fancy for an oldschool primbuild, no? No. I know 99.999% of you, dear readers, could do it so much better and faster and you’d have so much more creative architecture in mind anyway. But this poor excuse for a contemporary concrete office building is mine. I made the concept and built it. With my own two little hands, a keyboard and a mouse. And a high amount of OCD. Not saying that I’m proud of my accomplishment … but I am kindasorta. 😉

And it’s not done yet anyway. No idea if I’m gonna  have my editrix’s office upstairs or private living quarters … and what to do on ground floor. Prolly just a display of Thar She Blows! so all visitors can see the lastest and greatest blog stories directly in world.



  1. The good thing is that if you have a viewer that allows to export to collada, you can build on prims and then just convert them to dae, texture them and work them more on blender and then import all as mesh:)

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