Sorry, WTF?


Honestly now, all bullshit put aside, who in the friggin hells wants to do such a stupid thing? We’re on Linux for a buncha good reasons, one of the most important of those is to get away from Microsoft’s childish environment. So now that we’ve established a new plane of existence in the Linux infrastructure some of us wanna install Windows as well?

I don’t get it. I hope you can’t understand such notions neither.

Buuut, if you’re really so stupidly inclined here’s a widdioh about how to accomplish the most useless task ever undertaken in computing:

Now we finally know how our friend Abhishek Prakash of the often mentioned and linked to blog It’s FOSS sounds like in real life. Adorably little boyish and insecure as all Indians of course. What did you expect? You may watch this vid, or not. I don’t care. I just find it highly unnecessary. Particularly for beginners. Methinks Abhishek’s call is to help newbs get set up and settled in Linux, not to help them finding their way back into the Windows honeytrap.

But what do I know?


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