Googleable must be my favourite new term. Not because I would ever use Google in my searches but just because it sounds funny when you speak it. Try it with me:

“Googlabble!” 🙂

Anyhoo, how did I get to this observation? I heard the presenter, Kevin Burkeland, use the term in this very interesting widdeoh, which is more like a podcast, an audio file:

I recommend everybody taking the 47 minutes and watch listen to this presentation. It’s worth your time, particularly when you’re a fukn clueless n00b. =^.^= I liked this presentation because the guy’s opinion is similar to mine in many points. Particularly he likes Linux Mint for First-timers. Good boy, good call. 🙂

And it needs to be said, for a presentation held at LinuxFest Northwest 2017 it’s remarkably ungeeky and entertaining. No dry code chewing here but personal opinion and smalltalk about different distros of Linux, with a lot of info maybe usable by newbs.


Linux 102: Choosing the right distro for you
The wonderful and awful part of linux is there is one one size fits all answer for what distro is best for someone new to linux, so I will be walking you through some of the basic linux distro’s and explaining what you might like about them, and we won’t stop there, I will also be explaining desktop managers and how they impact the way you use your chosen distro.

From Ubuntu to Fedora, from Gnome to MATE to KDE, I will take you on a fun and educational journey through the rainbow that is the linux ecosystem. By the end you should be armed with enough knowledge to know which OS you would like to give a try.

In this lecture we will discuss: Some popular desktop managers Linux distros What linux is best suited to each use case


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