The Rainy Season

In South Africa’s Cape region it’s supposed to be winter (check), cold (check) and rainy af (hmmm, no) right now. But as it so happens we’re in the middle of the worst drought in the history of ever. I guess I’ve bloggered about it already, didn’t I? So when it rains we all rejoice and are happy and our gardens …


… get nicely watered. Rain is such a rare phenomenon I can’t help myself but have  to snap some boring photos. And even write about it in my blog! How silly. :/ It rained today. STOP THE PRESS !!!

Should you wonder how our little garden thingie is still so fresh and green after several months of little to no rain … well, we got some secret methods to safe at least our most beloved plants. Outside our garden fence it’s a different picture.

So, anyway, we’ree quite the happy little bunnies and I’ll go out now and do a little rain dance. Nekkid of course. =^.^⁼


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