1. Well I disagree with this. ICBMs and other weapons are launched from other countries, sometimes on the other side of the planet. There are times you have to take it to the source. Do you honestly think the US is not going to have to go over to North Korea, and give Kim Jong the haircut he desperately needs? And once done how many people in that half starved country are going to have a problem with us doing that?

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    • It doesn’t matter, Maiti, it doesn’t matter. As a decent country you’re not invading other countries on a whim and freely imagined intelligence reports and purely based on the erratic behaviour of their leaders. Judging by that the USA would’ve been invaded at least a dozen times in the last 40 or so years. Kim Jong plays the same harmless game as Saddam once did. He rattles his saber. No reason to invade Korea and kill a few million peeps for the sole reason to make the nook around Russia/China’s neck ever tighter.

      Because let’s face it. That’s the endgame, that’s why you’re supporting fascist Ukraine and treacherous Poland, and soon to be total dictatorship Turkey: Get more missiles closer and closer to Russia’s borders.


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