Why did I quit Rainbow Sailors Cub, or a drama in one act.

Just had to read this post in ZZ Bottom’s blog. Seems some uneducated stupid people made her leave the Rainbow Cruisers. 😦

ZZ Bottom misadventures in Virtual Worlds!

Yesterday i was imposed to sail a “Small” boat (whatever that means, small as in number of land impact? as in number of linked parts? in number of scripts? In Size?) due to complains of the rest of of the fleet,  that i was causing lag due to be sailing a “Huge boat”.

If i never ever had sent any of the boats i use to sail for free to all that sail on that group, i could even understand why they could feel that it was not their bad connections, their bad putters or probably their own choice of boats to sail, draw distance, graphic setup or whatever, that was calling that lag, but my sad bad buildings.

But i sent all my builds to most of them along the time, i felt that in fact nobody even cared to try any of them.

Still I can accept that…

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  1. ( I left this on your blog but am posting it here too.)

    I’ll sail with you anytime! You have been very gracious giving me many of your creations, all of which i have and continue to sail as well as all my other boats.
    Lets get together soon!

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