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Ok, here is finally a review of Linux Mint 18.2 MATE edition. You know it’s the distro I always recommend for newbs on Linux. So it’s nice to see a dedicated review about that particular combo of Mint + MATE. Unfortunately the teklek411 guy doesn’t have much to say about it … and he pronounces MATE like totally wrong. How often must I say it’s not your Anglophile drinking buddy “mate” but the Amazonian herbal drink mate yerba, which is of course pronounced the Spanish way. Jeez those English mofos always think the whole world turns around them, eventhough Spanish speaking people are a vast majority over English speakers. He also says that the XFCE desktop environment is faster than MATE, which is wrong.

Anyway, I recommend you use the standard Cinnamon edition of Mint, if your hardware is not too old and weak. For older machines I’d prefer MATE.

However, watchy this here:

Nice and easy, right? Yes, as I say since years when you come from Windows or Mac you shouldn’t have any trubbels getting used to the new playground … and you’ll prefer it after a short while.

And then you can go crazy and try out all the 23 million different base codes, desktop environments and window managers. But for you as a totally dougheyed beginner there’s Linux Mint 18.2 with Cinnamon/MATE desktop environments!



  1. There are good arguments on both sides of “which is faster,” MATE or Xfce. A lot of their speed or lack of it depends on what you add to them. Like the way Xubuntu and Mint use Compiz as it’s window manager instead of the standard Xfce window manager, for example. It adds some snappy effects, but makes it less responsive. That doesn’t mean Xfce is slower, it means Xubuntu and Mint Xfce are “slower.” I’ve never tried MATE actually, but it sure looks nice, and intuitive.

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    • And it’s exactly the nice intuitivity that made me fall in love with MATE. They didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, they also didn’t try to make a Windows clone, they just followed the very old desktop paradigm we know so well from Win and Mac … and Gnome2. In my eyes Mate is exactly what Gnome 3 should’ve become, a logical evolution instead of a total reimagining of everything we knew and loved.

      And true, MATE isn’t as super lightweight as Xfce but otoh it also doesn’t sacrifice as much creature comforts and luxury items to the gods of light weight … and is still faster than Xfce. Also it’s more actively developed while Xfce’s updates are years apart from each other. The total abandon of GTK2 is a bit hmmm, but I still love my Mate. 🙂


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