Onsen @ THE DRIP

I love the simple ruleset of this onsen: No Clothing is quite logical and Tattoos Welcome is a very nice deviation from RL onsen rules. In Japan tattoos are mostly worn by yakuzas. Nobody likes the yakuza so they aren’t allowed in public bathhouses.

As we’ve seen on my hunt for Japanese hot springs in SL there are some diamonds in the rough hidden all over the grid. In fact most SL onsens are more or less just side effects of parcels with a whole different themeing … mostly of the perverted sexual sort. Doesn’t matter does it? As old SL resis we are used to some of the more kinky sexual practises , so we don’t mind the change of rules in SL onsens. Orca’s always happy once she can totally relax in a visually nice and welcoming atmosphere.

First order of business: Hit the showers.

Today’s bath house is even one of the more modest ones, as it’s just a part of a strip club. And hey, since it’s a real tradition in Japan to bath in the nude, this is even a fairly realistic interpretation of an onsen. But more about that later. For now just follow me to THE DRIP, the strip club onsen. Whoa, strip club is even in the sim’s name. =^.^=

This is a very nice chaiselongue with a lot of nice single and couple anims.

The onsen at THE DRIP doesn’t waste prims or our time with a lobby or dresssing rooms for both sexes. You step right into the pool area. I like it as well as the rather simple and logical rules of which the No Running even makes the least sense. As everybody knows SL avies are indestructible stunt people.

The infamous chaiselongue is like totally non-traditional but strangely comfy and relaxing.

The size of the pool is quite generous although weirdly bereft of any classical gokuraku anims. So no soaking in the pool. 😦 The admins of THE DRIP obviously tried to make good for that by giving us the anims-laden chaiselongue … which is probably the most untraditional part of the whole setup.

Orca found a second shower, which opened the view onto the Strip Club! 😮

No, not entirely the most untraditional. That honour is due to the Strip Club, which is part of the onsen … or other way round. Shriek! 😮

Pretty nifty dance poles with a nice dance routine as standard. These ain’t some standard dances but purpose-made for pole dancers. Yummy. =^.^=

But we gotta talk about the lack of bathing anims and poses in this onsen. People, even if this is just an annex to the strip club, it is exactly what makes an onsen! Not the funny extra stuff, not the pretentious couple anims, but just the good old soaking in the hot spring. It’s what we came for!

This towel tried to give me some relaxing anims by the poolside. Unfortunately most of them were so badly misaligned, snapping photos was very restricted. And why o why didn’t they use some of those anims in the pool?

CONCLUSION: The devil is in the details. It becomes very apparent in the onsen @ THE DRIP. The initially good impression we get when we enter the premise becomes undone as soon as you try to use the onsen as such. Sorry, this onsen isn’t what I expected and doesn’t live up to it’s own motto of “Relax Dreamy”.

Of course it’s nice laying by the poolside but it’s not why we visit an onsen, is it?

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