The Beginning of the End of …

… Democracy! 😮

Watch this:

I know not everyone likes Lee Camp and his Redacted Tonight show. I know many of my American friends are very conservative and ready to give up their phreedumz in favour of ‘Murica! And I know I kinda promised to keep my stupid outsider views out of internal American politics … but this is kinda the wurstest political news in the history of ever! Reps and Dems pulling together for once. They are pulling your democratic rights directly from under your feet!

By Jennifer Parr – originally posted to Flickr as US Flag Burn, CC BY 2.0,

Far as I know you’re not allowed to burn your own flag … while congress burns down the whole country. 😦 No further commentary from my side.

/me shows herself out …


  1. Sorry , But incorrect. There is no law in the US forbidding the burning of the US national flag other than the same problems concerning a pile of leaves for instance. Although the act can bring strong emotions on both sides of the issue, again it is not illegal. Surprisingly, the confederate flag , ( a symbol viewed by many as a discriminatory, and racist symbol, is protected in 5 states at this time, go figure.

    Interestingly enough other countries including Germany and Israel it IS illegal to not only burn their own national flags , but in a quick look at Germany’s laws, illegal to burn other countries flags when hung in an official capacity, (which honestly why else are they hung, except for window coverings in place of curtains in dorm room windows.

    As for this bill that the maniac above goes on about, that is simply the US government at work. It will never pass, and is tame compared to the thousands of crazy crap that gets up to that point and is summarily ignored. Does anyone think that in a country that cant even decide to provide medical coverage to its citizens, some crap like that has any chance at all of passing? Be serious!

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    • Thx for calming my nerves, Maiti. But even if it doesn’t pass, I mean, come on, who would ever thinkof such a meaniepooface thing? It’s diabolical. And I know if it doesn’t pass the first time they will try it again and again and with tricks. Hang it onto some unrelated bill, have the voting done in a late night session when nobody else is awake, and … p00f! There it is in effect!


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