O@tB: Get Out

Catch of the day, fresh outta the bay …. oh well, three days ago actually but still kinda unsmelly, comes this …

A little wonder!

Chris and his girlfriend Rose go upstate to visit her parent’s for the weekend. At first, Chris reads the family’s overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he never could have imagined.

IMDb: 7.8

Tomatometer: 99%/88%


I never wanted to see this movie. I thought it’s one of those boring interacial dramas where the modern America hasd to come to terms with itself, a sole navelgazing show. Boring and not significant for any audiences outside of the USA. But then I heard  that’s only part of the story and GO is a bonafide horror movie!


Hubby and me aren’t too keen on horror flicks and observing stupid teenies getting culled for good reasons. So we decided independently from each other to give GO a pass. But then I heard good things about it and when it appeared at YTS (the quasi replacement/sucessor of YIFY) I just downloaded it and we decided to watch it as dinner entertainment.


And no mistake, GO turned out to be a great little movie with just the right amount of jump scares and suspicion and an overall creepy atmosphere and an intelligent and surprisingly entertaining script!


Was GO perfect? Nope. We saw some unnecessary stuff, some unexplained scenes and a little bit of meandering plot. But overall it was a great directorial and screenwriting debut by Jordan Peele. Jot this name down, ladies and gentlemen, I’m quite sure we’ll hear more of this talented guy!


As we will hear and see more of Daniel Kaluuya. This young British actor made already a good impression in Sicario but really sticks out here in GO. Wonderful new talent. Watch out for the upcoming Black Panther movie. Rest of the cast did all very good jobs, particularly LilRel Howery as Chris’s friend, TSA agent and comedic relief and part of the social commentary which you’ll also find in GO.


And that is what makes GO stand out from the same old same old horror flick fare. It touches on recent political and societal stuff. Mostly in a humouristic, harmless way but you always know there is something wrong and the cast isn’t acting in a bubble untouched by reality.


The culmination and endfight of GO were the onyl let downs of this movie. But the plot was so kinda clever altogether, we pardon this young filmmaker for some stupid mistakes. I guess we can blame it on a bad producer for the most part.


Now you are confused. And I’m sorry about that but just in case you’re oe of the very few peeps who haven’t watched GO yet, I don’t wanna spoil it for you with inapropriate spoilers. Just trust me  when I say this is a very entertaining and a little bit scary movie that ain’t as stupid as most other horror schlocks. A really refreshing take on the genre.


Oh yes, I know the still photos do look very boring. Just some faces standing or sitting around, mostly in bright sunshine. But I can assure you this is one of the must-watch movies of 2017! There is always something going on in GO, no time to get bored or going to the toilet.

Get Out

CONCLUSION: Where did this movie come from? Get Out took us by surprise and punched far above it’s weight class! Get Out was maybe the movie we’re waiting for since years. Only it came out of the left field and a genre – or two genres actually – we’re usually no fans of.


Should you watch it? Of course! Everybody should watch Get Out! It’s really something else and highly peculiar what Jordan Peele created here. It’s one of those movies where one man had an idea, a vision … and made it become reality. It’s a small movie that only cost 5 mios to make but made an enormous impact in the movie year 2017. It’s one of those movies I’m asking for since many many O@tMs already. Here was no committee and an over abundance of bookkeepers and studio execs behind the project but just the one guy, Jordan Peele realizing his vision.

Now let’s see what the expert-ish movie reviewers thinkered about Get Out:

André thinks it’s “more suspense than horror” and he’s quite right about that.

“Passive agressive racism”

“has a satirical edge to it.”

This video explains maybe a bit too much and may spoil your experience.

“Funny people are really dark, damaged people on the inside.”

“Real horror is based on real fears!” Our girlie starts her review of Get Out approximately at around 16:30 mins in her boring vacation video.


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