Newness About …

… Maiti!

Yeah, she’s still around. \o/ Fuk yeah! \o/ Just met her this morning and she’s doing reasonably well. Got a little parcel on Holly Kai and a very chic house. And at least her avie looks as hot as always. 🙂

Maiti and the editrix like half an hour ago.

Sorry, please do understand that neither Orca nor her bloggy are coffeklatsch chatterboxes so if you wanna know more, please ask her personally. Just be informed Maiti is still alive and kickin’.



  1. I’ll be glad to chat and speak with anyone , ( if there are any) interested in whats going on with me. I’m also considering placing part 2 and 3 in my personal blog.

    I’m also considering obtaining a larger parcel of land 1/2 to 1 sim but of course reasonably priced and on a main body of water , with reasonable neighbors! If anyone knows of such a place please feel free to contact me.

    Take care all.


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  2. i’d like to congratulate miata for totally re writing the recovery books and coming from deaths door to totally healthy she made medical history if t you think there is a little sarcasm here you are totally wrong xx

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    • Sammie, why don’t we give Maiti a few weeks more time to make up her fukin mind about that dying business? We’ve already diagnosed her with Attention Whore Dysfunction long ago and accepted it as just another fact of life, right? But going as far as faking ones own death … that’s a bit radical even for uncompromising Maiti, dontcha think?

      And no, I don’t think you’re a little sarcastic but a fukn LOT!!! =^.^= In other words: You’re very sarcastic, much too sarcastic for your young age. Stop that at once! It doesn’t behoof you and only makes your arse look fat.



    • Sammie, Once again I’d personally like to congratulate you on showing what sort of total moron you are.

      What are you judging my health on, the appearance of my avi? The fact is I’m not well,won’t be well, and will eventually will go, I’m sorry, I won’t hurry up as I’m sure you are probably counting the days for the party. Look up the life expectancy of a typical Multiple Myeloma patient and use December 23rd 2015 as my diagnosis date. Then add in autologous stem cell transplant, done July 2nd, 2016, and you can figure what the average person lives. Add to that, that they have found a rather unusual set of plasmacytomas attached to my lungs, and the calculation goes way down. I also have 10 compression fractures in my back due the almost complete collapse of my spine due to this cancer, resulting in me living in constant pain, and taking what has been described by several nurses treating me, as the largest dosage of Dilaudid they ever gave a person – 3 times a day, everyday.

      As of this writing, i have lived thru ( just barely) treatments of, Lenalidomide, pomalidomide, thalidomide velcade, carfilzomib, ixazomib,elotuzumab and daratumumab. Every 3 days I am transported to the hospital and for 3 hours pumped with poison, in a vain attempt to lengthen my life a few months. There is not a day I don’t wake up and cry, not because I’m alive, but because I’m not dead. And every day, its a struggle not to go and eat several of the bottles of meds to finish myself once and for all.

      I also had several surgeries, the most recent being half my fucking thyroid taken out due to yet another cancer being found during a full body scan.

      My normal body weight is roughly 105 lbs, and at the worst was 68 lbs.Gladly I’m back to roughly 100.
      I live in an assisted living community, (Hospice), where people can’t believe I’m living there because I’m so young. The people here nicknamed it “Death Valley”.

      So what you think, say or do, in comparison to what I have been thru and continue to be subjected to means nothing to me, and I hope that everyone reading this and the other places I’m going to post it, realizes what sort of thing you really are, and treats you with the utter disgust you deserve.

      And Sammie, If you think there is a little sarcasm here you are totally wrong. XX

      And Orca, Attention Whore Dysfunction? believe it or not some people really do care for me. I know that’s hard to believe but It’s very true. And to you all I do read and appreciate the well wishes.

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      • I know that people care about you, hun. Believe it or not, I do too. And I wish you nothing but the best. But I always knew you were an attention whore, which was long before and has nothing to do with your cancer diagnosis. And talking about attention whores, me’s one as well. Guess why I’m putting myself “out there” via this blawg?


    • Its interesting, Total town idiots generally do go around with a big smile, totally oblivious of the world that goes around them or what problems and concessions people around them give, because they are dumber than the dogs that live in the streets with them. The fact is they are tolerated because they are generally are harmless, you are not and wont be tolerated

      Your constant abuse of my name not only doesn’t bother me, it amuses me. Because a Miatas are small,, fast, beautiful, sporty, desirable. All things you will never be, nor what you could ever afford. in manyways its actually a great description of me before i was diagnosed.

      Instead of spending your time trolling, maybe you should get your ass out and work and afford a computer that has at least the min requirements to get back into SL,, instead of just hanging out in message boards and blogs, snearing at the people you so wish you could rub elbows with. I haven’t been able to work in over a year and my new Alienwear computer will be arriving within the next week or so. I’ll share pictures of it and the 3 other computers i own then.

      That’s the sort of things one can do when they apply themselves – idiot.

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  3. Will you two bishes stop that crap now … or do I have to set my foot down and show some authority around here? Geez, it’s slowly too much work scrolling all the way down to these long forgotten posts just for some social hygiene work. 😦

    Maiti, if you were really cool with Sammie yapping at you, you would just ignore her. Just like so.

    Sammie, Maiti has a valid point here. Standing at the sideline, shouting at the players and coaches won’t help winning the match. Get a good computer, stay away from fashionable Apple crappola (Apple’s lost its appeal 10 years ago), and shout at your ISP to finally integrate your fukn village in the middle of nowhere into the DSL or cable or fiber grid. Fukn sattelite dish in the garden is 80s tech, not what one needs for a speedy interwebz in 2017! If that won’t help move to Paris or any bigger city in your vicinity and get real internetz.

    I’m sitting here at a godforsaken beach in a godforsaken 3rd world country and have better interwebz connectivity than you in the fukn center of fukn Europa!!! This can’t be!


  4. How can any sane person NOT smile at those rediculous demands for attention and pleas for help. I feel sorry for miata everything she tried in SL failed totally even MTW sacked her she took a thriving sailing cantre with regular races and turned i to into a useless and mostly ignored piece or crap she promised a new venture supposed to be amazing That never even got off the ground of course she begs attention but that wasn’t a wise way to do it Good luck with Your meds miata Psychiatric help is there for people like you


  5. interesting I have no problem getting into SL whatsoever I’m there most days Where i chose to live is my choice i have NO interest in living in a town or city My PC is fine and my lappy also I remember miata bought an all singing all dancing PC for about $ 500 not so long ago wow no wonder she needs a new one already My internet connection is what it is I’m OK with that xxxx


  6. Ah, it appears i finally got to the truth and hit a nerve with the village idiot!! Not a single word of truth from it, and lots of raving. and yes Sammie, I’m typing this on that 500 dollar computer, i’m getting the alienware for one reason…. I can!! I win, you lose.

    But don’t worry, I’ll have a seat ready for you in hell.


  7. but why bother when you are laying on deaths door, in your simple mind ONLY
    i wonder what nerve you claim to have hit your pathetic mess is an illness i hope you get good psychiatric help
    You certainly need it
    Noting untrue about what i said and it’s all provable You even got liked of your last parcel sad really xx hope your new Pc that replaces your all singing and dancing and quite her and totally fabricated , arrives in time


    • LOL, yeah. And now imagine my face going like 😮 when Sam told me she’s a fukn ENGLISH TEACHER!!! I often need a couple of attempts and tries in order to figure out what she wants to communicate here. But hey, what do I know, I can’t do that English thing too good myself.


  8. smiles i don’t care how my ipad types i can understand it … OMG Orcs you should see what you type in IMs to me hahahaha good to see when the drama queen gets a few facts, she runs a mile Typical of someone with a mental disorder xx

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    • You would be surprised to see how much time I spend on even the shortest of blogposts to get them into a somehow error-free state. But contrary to you I actually do spend the time. We’re blogging and commenting on the internet, glass of milk in one hand, cookies in the other. We’re not on the run!

      Quite different situation with inworld convos. I hate chatting in world and am specifically fast to get it done and over with. That’s why I don’t take my time correctifying all my typoes.

      And iPad? Girl, haven’t I told you a dozen hundred times to toss that thing and get a real computer? You think you’re not worthy of paying yourself enough respect to do your internet stuff at last on more earnest hardware? If you go on like this I don’t see a great Linux future for you. 😦

      100 € is all it needs to get a decently used Lenovo ThinkCentre, 20 € will get you a screen, and 5€ for keyboard mouse. And there you go. Professional hardware for amateurish Sammie. =^.^=

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