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Did you ever take OpenSim serious as a contender in the Virtual World market? No, eh? Me neither. As sympathetic as OS’s approch to virtual worlding is (kinda like GNU/Linux) they always appeared as technically far behind SL, had no community, no economy and nothing of the stuff you can find in SL.

I got myself an account in 2007, didn’t know what to do in that world, that was purely populated by technogeeks, and never, after 2 crashes, bothered to log back in. No loss, not really. Open Sim has nothing of the stuff we love SL for, so why bother?

But now … look at these numbers:

Daniel Voyager knows things.

80,000. Eightytfuknthousand fukn regions!!! That’s a grid four times the size of SL!!! Makes one think, doesn’t it? No, Open Sim ain’t better than SL. I guess they are still trailing behind the curve by a good margin. Still, why are they so sucessful and still growing, while SL crumbles and becomes smaller and smaller and loses regions and landmarks every day?

Opensimulator_logo200x160Ok, it’s hard to compare SL and OS. They’re like Apples and Windows. No comparison. But they are both virtual worlds and are attracting roughly the same clientéle. And while SL is still the much preferable and more wholesome platform, there must be something the OpenSim guys are doing very right!

You had one job, Linden Lab. One job only. And you blew it. 😦



  1. I go everyday to OSgrid to work on mesh that im doing with blender, much more easy to work there then on the beta grid.
    Advantages of Open sim that im aware since i joined them. Teleport in between different grids, imagine not one but hundreds of SL, you can teleport to most of them (open hypgrid sims) as you wold teleport to another region in sl (each sim can have thousands of regions itself).
    Free content in almost all, you don’t need to worry about money, in most sims, content is free.
    Var regions up to 16×16 reg sl regions, no ne to cross sims.
    Physics engine working already that allows to drive cars, planes, powerboats.
    A version of Bwind that allows to sail (Don’t know how far it is on the works).
    A art community that is making possible to have live concerts and more in between grids, there is somewhere a page where you can find about the concerts and so on.
    No limits for mesh uploads, regions have a 45000 limit for prims.
    Rlv, voice, sound streaming as i sl.
    Mesh bodies.
    The possibility of hosting from your own computer any number of regions on any (most ) of the different grids is perhaps the bigest advantage, you can have (we did for long) like 5 full sl sims running when you wish for free.
    No bento (like i care, lol)
    No sailing community or sailing events that i aware off.
    Much less users and all dispresed by the multitude of diff grids.
    As there are multiple different grids around, if you don’t know where all use to hang out you will never find anyone around, the same as Sl but multiplied.
    As Adult content, a few (proud to say some is mine, lol) but growing.
    Same with adult communities.
    So far already possibility to cross sims with a vehicles, on my time that was not possible.

    Grids to try.
    OSGrid, Metropolis, Kitely, all allow hypergrid connection.

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    • Whoa, that sounds great, ZZ. I guess it’s the right stuff for a lonesome geek who just wants to build or to do physics experiments. And the hypergrid connectivity is great. So if it’s free or reasonably priced I wouldn’t mind having a 16×16 sims setup all for myself. I was dreaming since years of a mini-continent of that size. I’d make it a slowly inclining slope for the most part, starting on the beach and ending at maximum allowed height after 16 sims. Of course with plains and hilly areas, rural and industrial landscapes, and little towns scattered in between. And then I’d create a nice road network and ride my bikes all day every day.

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      • It is free and you can host them on a old comp running linux, in fact hosting a server on Open sim (and if your comp and comm are good enough that means at least 4 reg sims) is better via linux then windows.

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