errorbits is following Thar She Blows! now. Congratulations to myself and all that. 🙂

LOL, no, I’m not gonna announce just about anybody stalking me … but, see, errorbits is a very nice Linux centric website/blog with lots of tutorials, downloads and tools for Linux 🙂 and Windows 😦 and in so far I’m a happy camper now. I mean being followed by the truly knowing and resourceful geek who makes that blog is giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Am I worthy being stalked? Nope! Just nope. I’m a fukn housewife, I’m too old for this shit, and this blog is sposedly about SL first and foremost. And a little bit about playing SL on Linux powered machines. Nothing special since SL used to be full with geeks and of course has a higher percentage of residents on Linux than other social networks. But hey, of course I stalked right back and …

errorbits is a really nifty website.

… added errorbits to my blogroll (–> in the sidebar), for all of yous to find and check out in case of trouble in paradise and need for help. Real help, not Orca’s hapless tries to be kinda sorta helpful.

Oh, and see? Second row, right side? Tutorial about vim text editor. That should be just the right writing tool for Luna. And now, thx to errorbits, she’ll know how to use it. Hardly integrated into Orcablog and already we get added value.

Excuse me now, auntie Orca’s gonna have some readin’ to do …


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